America's Most and Least Bible-Minded Cities

The Barna Group has released its study of 100 of America's most and least "Bible-minded" cities. Did yours make the cut? In a good way or a bad way? Based on these findings, the good folks of Tennessee can congratulate themselves on their biblical mindedness, with Knoxville, Nashville and Chattanooga all cracking the top 15 (Knoxville is number one). For least Bible-minded, you have a lot of New England, including a tie between Providence, Rhode Island and New Bedford, Mass., for the bottom slot. And everyone in Omaha, Neb., take note. You're dead middle at number 50. Your fate hangs in the balance ...

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Megan Marshall


Megan Marshall commented…

I'm trying to wrap my head around my hometown (Waco, TX). City with the largest number of churches per capita in the US and home to the largest Baptist University in the world, Baylor University. How sad that we rank 59th!

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