All Your Old 'Star Wars' Pals Are Coming Back

The rumors were almost too good to be true (depending on how you feel about aging celebrities returning to iconic roles) but George Lucas gave some very out-of-character good news today in announcing that Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher will all be reprising their roles in JJ Abram's new trilogy. This is, of course, in addition to the various side Star Wars movies that will be taking place in the Star Wars universe without being part of the larger mythology of the Skywalker family. So, what do you think? Do you have a great feeling about this? ...


Alex Aili


Alex Aili commented…

Makes me feel a little bit better :)



Skevin commented…

Leno jokes:

"Skywalkers" is right (mimics an older person using a walker) as audience roars

They're calling it "Star Wars, Episode VII: Social Security Menace"

They're building a new Death Star, but this time its just a space retirement village

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