3-D Printed Roses: For the Person You Only Sort of Care About

Are you in the early stages of a relationship where sending flowers might seem just a little too much for Valentine's Day? Is there someone you feel like you should send flowers too, but you don't really feel like it? Do you have an enemy you'd like to prank? Great news. A company called TaskRabbit is promising "Hassle-Free Romance" (ugh) with 3-D printed roses this year. Perfect. The only thing better than a dozen flowers that will inevitably wilt and fade is a collection of futuristic robot sticks that were never alive to begin with. And seeing as you can get a dozen for just $100, it's a real bargain. Maybe next year, we'll be able to 3-D print our own dinners and possibly our own dates too. The future of romance has arrived and it's super dumb ...

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Andrew H. King


Andrew H. King commented…

I can appreciate the spirit behind the article - but 3d printing technology is really great. Of course, I'm from a digital media background.

The fact that you can literally create something virtually and watch it come to life (figuratively) before your eyes is incredible. The idea of being able to print your own dinner, while used humorously here, would be something straight out of the pages of science fiction.

Perhaps if said date modeled the rose himself and then had it 3d printed the recipient would appreciate it more. To do that from scratch requires time, artistry, preparation, and finishing work on the completed print that people may not realize - much like any sculpture or painting.

Someone who has an interest in that field or technology might actually find these really cool and sweet.

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