‘Drop Box’ Tells the Inspiring Story of Abandoned Babies Rescued in South Korea

Every year, hundreds of babies—many with mental and physical disabilities—are abandoned in the streets of South Korea. Now, the film Drop Box, which is currently in negotiations for a distribution deal with a major studio, tells the story of one pastor who decided to provide a way for desperate mothers to save their unwanted children. He and his wife set up the “baby box,” to give mothers an alternative to abandoning their babies on the street. The box contains a heater, lights and a towel to keep the baby warm as it automatically alerts the pastor and his staff when a baby has been left there. Pastor Jong-rak and his wife have also established an orphanage to care for the children who have been left.

Filmmaker Brian Ivie heard the story of the baby box and traveled to South Korea to meet Pastor Jong-rak and his wife. During an award acceptance speech at a recent film festival, the 22-year-old documentarian said, “I became a Christian while making this movie. When I started to make it and I saw all these kids come through the drop box–it was like a flash from heaven, just like these kids with disabilities had crooked bodies, I have a crooked soul. And God loves me still” …



Writing from South Korea, let me just say that while abandoned babies upset me, that's the least of Korea's worries. If only these pastors spent their efforts understanding the gospel and preaching it faithfully, Korea might not have the problems it has. That's what we need pastors here to do. That's the only relevant thing that needs to get done here.


While I am assuming you have a much better pulse of what South Korea needs, I can't imagine that what this man is doing is hurting the Kingdom in any way. I mean if nothing else, the guy making the documentary became a Christian because of this guy's example. My hope would be that the children he is taking in would see the same hope and love that the filmmaker did and in turn make a similar decision.


Dennis, Please don't say stuff like that. From your perspective it may be true but it's insensitive to the issue. Comparing problems of this magnitude on a scale is ugly business. God is present where lives are being saved.


That letter from a mother to her son was just overwhelming. We can all learn a lesson from this man about loving our neighbor. I'm at a loss right now. It's just so beautiful.


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