News agencies are reporting a disturbing story out of Nigeria, where the military has sentenced 54 of its own soldiers to death, after they say the men refused to fight Islamic militant group Boko Haram. Officials found them guilty of mutiny, and they now could face a firing squad. The soldiers have denied the charge. Troops in the country have regularly complained of a shortage of weapons and supplies and feeling outmatched by Boko Haram, a brutal organization that has killed more than 2,000 people this year alone in their campaigns of mass murder, kidnapping, sexual assault and arson ... Discuss

Jenny Slate had a great year, garnering critical praise for her work in Obvious Child and releasing another episode of her unfailingly grin-inducing Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. She appeared on Conan last night, and gave America a little taste of Marcel's melodious singing voice. Softer than any pillow, this voice, and if you've ever wanted to hear it cover Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide," this is your moment ... Discuss

Now that Sony has officially canceled the release of their upcoming comedy The Interview in the wake of threats of violence from a hacker group, another studio is pulling out of development of a movie set in the country. New Regency is ceasing development on the film, a thriller starring Steve Carrell. The film project was based on the graphic novel Pyongyang by artist Guy Delisle, who visited the reclusive country in 2001 and documented his disturbing findings. Intelligence officials in the U.S. reportedly confirmed that North Korea was behind the cyber attack and threats of violence against theaters ... Discuss

The Death Penalty Information Center has released new findings that show capital punishment in America is on the decline. In 2014, 35 inmates were executed—that’s the lowest number in more than 20 years. Just for some context, in 1999, when executions were at their peak, 98 death-row inmates were executed. Courts also issued the fewest number of death sentences in nearly 40 years. Even though a majority of Americans still favor the death penalty, its approval rating is down to 59 percent from 70 percent in the '90s. Along with controversies surrounding the drugs used in the lethal injections, the center’s executive director told NBC that part of the decline is because so many death row inmates were later been found innocent: “The realization that mistakes have been made, that innocent people are still being freed, has made juries hesitant” ... Discuss

The mysterious saga of the Sony hacks took a foreboding turn earlier this week when anonymous hackers threatened a 9/11-type attack on theaters screening The Interview—Seth Rogen and James Franco's comedy about reporters visiting North Korea. It seems theaters are taking the threats seriously, with America’s five biggest theater chains (Regal Entertainment, AMC Entertainment, Cinemark, Carmike Cinemas and Cineplex Entertainment ) all dropping the movie. Several smaller chains have also dropped the film, which was set to release Christmas day and had a budget of $44 million. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony still plans to release the film on time, but it remains to be seen whether any theaters will play it ... Discuss