According to a new study from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, despite national concerns about soaring student debt numbers, a college education is still worth the money. In their research, economists Jaison R. Abel and Richard Deitz determined that an individual who had a college degree could expect to make $1.2 million more from ages 22-64, than their peers who have just a high school diploma. The report also noted an increase in career earnings for students who had associates degrees compared to those who stopped school after completing high school. The team found that even employees of jobs that don’t require a college degree, will end up making more having completed a high education program than co-workers who did not ... Discuss

Nashville, Tenn's LEAD Academy set out one a daunting goal: that 100% of their graduates would get accepted to a four-year college. No mean feat but, this year, that's exactly what happened, with a full 83% of these students being the first people in their family to go on to college. They put together this very heartwarming video of their "signing day" and it will bring your heart back to life ... Discuss

A student at the University of Michigan may have just started a napping revolution. Transfer student Adrian Bazbaz wasn’t used to the late night cramming sessions and sleep deprived lifestyles of his fellow classmates at the school, so he decided to do something about it. Bazbaz teamed up with the Central Student Government to launch a pilot program to test out on-campus napping stations in the library. The station—which is open to students needing to catch some shut-eye during epic study sessions—features six cots, lockers for personal items and an environment supervised by the building’s staff, 24-7. The station is such a hit that the school is now considering creating more napping areas on their massive campus ... Discuss

Researchers at Texas A&M University have turned their attention to a very significant academic and scholarly pursuit: creating a paper called "Reading Religion in Internet Memes." Of course, by “reading religion” they evidently mean “browsing low-brow one-liners posted on funny cat pictures.” An associate professor of communication at the school told The Houston Chronicle, "Memes require an interesting level of literacy. You need to understand visual images, have basic digital literacy, have a fluency in memes culture so you understand how different memes work." Is it just us, or does that just sound like a high-minded way of saying, "Hey, look at this funny caption I put on this cat picture" ... Discuss

The federal government is investigating 55 colleges around the country as part of a new initiative to prevent sexual assaults on university campuses. The colleges—which are being investigated under the Title IX law—range from large public schools, Ivy League universities, private colleges and even some religious institutions. Though the Education Department emphasized that a presence on the list of schools being investigated insinuates “absolutely zero presumption" of guilt, several of the schools were involved in high profile incidents of alleged mishandlings of campus rape cases that triggered the federal investigation.

According to the White House, as many as 20 percent of all college females are victims of sexual assault. The Obama administration has also created a new task force to review complaints and provide resources to victims, like the newly-launched At a press event, Education Secretary Are Duncan said, "In terms of what's morally right there, the moral compass, whatever we can do to have fewer young women and young men having to go through these types of horrific incidents, we want to do that” ... Discuss

Go get ‘em graduates. Get out there and tackle the real world with the enthusiasm of this dude’s epic commencement ceremony backflip ... Discuss