Employment compensation-research firm Payscale has released the findings of a new study that looked at what college majors lead to long-term satisfaction, and the ones that graduates now regret. The research looked at three primary factors: The median, annual salary in the field associated with the degree, the likelihood that the graduate would recommend the major and percentage of degree-holders that feel that their work makes the world a better place. Jobs in fields related to math and science dominated the top of the list, with many former engineering majors earning into the six figures, and would recommend their field of study to upcoming students. The most “disappointing” majors? Communications and Arts. Journalism, English, Anthropology and Art majors mostly said they would not recommend their degree programs to others and didn’t feel like their professions made the world any better. Puppetry Arts was once again curiously absent from the lists … Discuss


There’s been a lot of talk about the tough job market facing recent college grads, but the new "2013 Job Outlook" report identifies the six degrees employers are looking for right now. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), they all rely heavily on math. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) interviewed 244 companies and found that a Finance degree is the No. 1 most sought after major by hiring employers, followed by Computer and Information Sciences, Accounting, Business Administration and Management, Mechanical Engineering and Management Information Systems. Sorry Puppetry Arts majors, once again your prestigious degree has been unjustly left off the list … Discuss


MSN has compiled this list of the 10 best cities for recent college grads by looking at factors like cost of rent, the job growth rate, unemployment, the number of twentysomethings living in the city and average salary for a recent grad. Houston, Texas, a city that’s creating more jobs than any other area of the country, topped the list. Boston, Austin, Seattle and Washington D.C. round out the top five, with Denver, Portland, Raleigh, Omaha and Minneapolis/St. Paul also making the countdown. You can go here to see the full list and the reasons why each city is a good place for a recent grad to live and find a job … Discuss

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Columbia has been crunching numbers and it looks like they have a serious problem on their hands: Nutella thievery. The school started offering the wonderful, incredible innovation in spreadable wonder last semester, and it's been a little too popular. They say they're losing $5,000 of Nutella every week, or nearly one hundred pounds every day. It's possible students are simply eating it by the bucketload during lunchtime, but officials suspect foul play: hoarders who stockpile it for their own dorms. Columbia estimates the losses are costing them about $250,000 a year which, as Buzzfeed points out, is the equivalent of annual tuition and fees for four students. So, the crime is sinister, yes, but is it understandable? If you've ever eaten Nutella, you know the answer ... Discuss