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An Arizona foster mom recently spent two days in jail for shoving her foster son’s head into a toilet. She had four other foster children in her care at the time.

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It’s hard to pinpoint an exact moment when the Western obsession with saving Africa started, but it certainly hasn’t ended. More than one writer has speculated that the U.S. is nursing a guilt complex over its opulence and has sent billions of dollars in foreign aid and hundreds of thousands of college students, mission teams and nonprofit organizations over to Africa as penance.

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There are so many things to take away from this video. The first, of course, is that eating chocolate is a genuinely incredible experience that is not nearly as universal as we might think it is—even for the people who supply the cocoa for our chocolate. The second, and far more important, is the realization that people who farm cocoa can't afford the product they're creating (in the Ivory Coast, a bar of chocolate costs four euro. One of the workers referenced in the video here only makes seven euro per day) ... Discuss