QOTD: What's the Best Book Series of All Time?

Hunger Games. Sherlock Holmes. The Divine Comedy. A good book series is like going back to visit old friends, a favorite book brought to life over and over. What's your pick for the best book series of all time?



Bethany commented…

Les Miserables. Or The Brothers Karamazov.


Anonymous commented…

I'm going to go with LOTR, as when you add in The Simarillion, The Hobbit, and all of Chris Tolkien's curating and commentary of his fathers notes, it the far deeper universe. Still, I will always have a place in my heart for the Dragonlance Chronicles.


Anonymous commented…

Lord of the Rings...Even C.S. Lewis admitted this...

Dane Myers


Dane Myers commented…

Don't know if Goosebumps counts as a series, but it needs to. Getting chills just thinking about those textured letters on the cover



Mark commented…

Aaron...I haven't stopped laughing to your post and its been about seven minutes. Thanks for sharing.

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