QOTD: What Would You Name Your Band?

It happens all the time in conversation. You drop some little innocuous phrase like, "you can just leave your shoes there by that busted end table." And then you think in your head, Busted End Tables would be a great band name. Of course, "Busted End Tables" is a terrible name, but you've probably come up with better ones. If you were in a band, what would you call yourselves?


Curt Sell


Curt Sell commented…

My band name? Eucalyptus Flashback. From the time my dad yelled at me while sucking a cough drop. The combination of the strong smell and the annoying mouth noises haunt me to this day. Also no longer a fan of koalas.


Aaron Farris commented…

Dave Dunn and the Shrimp Shack Shooters.


Sbleelee4 commented…

Borderline Amazing


Anonymous commented…

Postscript and the Crooked Lines, after the mewithoutYou song, "Four Word Letter (Pt. 2)."

Rob Mitchell


Rob Mitchell commented…

I was once in a band that I fought hard to have named "Iconoclast", but that name was to 'controversial' (offensive to Catholics?). We ended up with "Porridge"... Truth is we all have things in our lives that should be torn down.

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