QOTD: What Was Your First Job?

For some of us, it might have been helping our dad with chores around the farm. For others of us, it might have been breaking down boxes in the back room of a department store. For most of us, it was McDonald's. But here's the place to reminisce about where you came from. What was your first job? And was it any fun?


Anonymous (not verified)

Paper route for 2 years (13-15 years old)! Having to deliver papers EVERY DAY and the HUGE Sunday edition made me an expert at balancing and throwing from my bike. Although, in hindsight, wearing a ski mask during the winter to deliver the local bank's paper might have been a bad idea...

Phil (not verified)

Grocery sacker for Randall's in Houston, TX

Anonymous (not verified)

Ex-paper boy here as well.. ages 12-14. Used to enlist my friends to help me out with it, and it was a lot of fun.. except for Fridays, with papers stuffed full of ads, and all that weight on my shoulders biking around.

Anonymous (not verified)



Babysitter, lifeguard

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