QOTD: What Song Have You Listened to the Most?

You can say your favorite song is something hip, like Jeff Buckley or some French mashup artist track, but iTunes doesn't lie. That little button that tells you your "most played" songs is a truer gauge of your favorite song than your desire to be cool or your own sentimental feelings. So, take a good hard look at yourself (and your iTunes) and answer the question: what song have you listened to the most?



always love by nada surf


"Done Living" by Justin McRoberts

Ian Scherling (not verified)

816 plays in 8 months...

climbing walls by strange talk

one of the catchiest tunes i've ever heard!

Anonymous (not verified)

Stubborn Love - The Lumineers

Anonymous (not verified)

Mine is actually Jeff Buckley, oddly enough - Corpus Christi Carol. There were months when I couldn't get to sleep without listening to this song about three times in a row...

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