Sugar & the Hi Lows

This week, one of our favorite new bands, Sugar & the Hi Lows, comes by and performs live in our studio. Last year saw the band release its self-titled debut as well as a Christmas EP, and if you're into new music with an old sound, you will love Sugar & The Hi Lows. Also this week, we bring in our editors to talk about the brand new issue of RELEVANT, featuring a compelling look at the epidemic of suicide, the return of Five Iron Frenzy and a recap of the year of the Christian athlete. Plus, we get a couple of listeners on the phone to talk about their podcast-inspired YouTube song, "The Ukulele and the Slide Whistle."

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Sugar & The Hi Lows, 'See It For Yourself'
Sugar & The Hi Lows, 'I've Got You Covered'
Sugar & The Hi Lows, 'Two Day High'
"The Ukulele and the Slide Whistle"

The podcast-inspired song from Liz Dail and Bethany Tompkins


Best. Halftime. Show. EVER.

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Question of the Week

What are your new year resolutions?

The start of a new year always gets us thinking about making some changes. Maybe it's a new diet or more sleep or less TV. And let's just be honest, regardless of how many times in our lives we've actually kept our new year's resolutions, we continue to create new ones each January. So this week we want to know what your new year resolutions are for 2013.




Keke commented…

I have a myriad of things I want to accomplish (do a pull up and a push up, hike in CO), but my biggest resolution was deciding I am going to finish my PhD this year. A lot of mice may die, but I am determined.



Liz commented…

To be interviewed on the Relevant Podcast. Oh wait. THAT HAPPENED. :)

Sarah Callies


Sarah Callies commented…

My resolution... dead serious... is to finally learn how to squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube from the bottom and not the middle. I know my hubby would love it if I could master this skill, so I'm doing it for him.

Brooke O


Brooke O commented…

My new years resolution is to eat chocolate. every day.

Just kidding...sort of.

My word for 2013 is unashamed. For now, it's about being unashamed in expressing my thoughts and opinions, which I've struggled with since adolesence.
A few things I'd like to do this year also include practicing hospitality by hosting friends in my home at least 1x/month, read at least one book per month; and read through the NT.

Finally, I'll say that I've been listening to the podcast for just a couple of months during my long runs on the weekends. You guys make me look forward to those long runs! I often wonder what the passers by think of my giggling while running.

Peter Weida


Peter Weida commented…

Wow, the music and videos from the Sugar and the Hi Lows are amazing. When I heard it on the podcast, I thought I was listening to the album and not a live recording. Now that I'm watching them, WOW!! You guys are doing great work on that.

On a side note, keep up the laughs guys, every podcast I laugh till it hurts over and over. Love ya.

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