Sixpence None The Richer

This week we talk to Leigh Nash of legendary pop/rock band Sixpence None The Richer. After a breakup in 2004, the band is back with a new full-length album called Lost In Transition. We also talk to international evangelist Luis Palau about his friendship with someone who's been in the news recently, Pope Francis. Plus, Cameron's White House robe, Tyler's cephalophobia and a Wal-mart deer hunt. Of course.

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Sixpence None The Richer, "Radio"

Watch Sixpence None The Richer perform "Radio" from their album Lost in Transition at Peter Nappi's Studio in Nashville, TN.

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Question of the Week

What is your irrational fear?

Jesse is afraid of two-headed sharks. Tyler is afraid of large tentacled creatures. Maya is afraid of bugs nesting in her ear while she sleeps. So this week, we want to ask you, what is your irrational fear?


Michael Lettner


Michael Lettner commented…

One I had as a kid was during my sleep. We lived by the airport so you would hear the roar of the airplanes as they went over. So I had this reoccurring dream that my bed was huge and the jet sound was it rolling up and about to crush me so I had to run and run to get away from it rolling over me. Sometimes I wouldn't be fast enough and wake up.

Natasha Rosario


Natasha Rosario commented…

When I was younger I used to sneak watch a show called unsolved mysteries (totally not appropriate for the age I was but I thought I could handle it) *cue creepy music here* well one episode had a woman who claimed to have seen her dead body in the basement when she opened the door. She later found out her stairs were broken and she thought it was a sign for her to not go down the stairs...Needless to say whenever I enter my basement my heart beats a little faster and I quickly make sure there is nothing at the bottom of the stairs. #irrationalfearoremotionallyscarred?

Bryan Turner


Bryan Turner commented…

My wife's #1 worst fear is mounted animal heads (next top three being: cockroaches, cats, vomit sounds, and kickballs flying at her head). On our first date out downtown, we were trying to find the exit to a parking garage and saw some guys were struggling to get something out of the back of a minivan. All of a sudden, a huge elk head came tumbling out onto the floor and she screamed, ran to the opposite wall, and started crying and hyperventilating... The only thing I could think was, "What am I getting into here?" We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday. (She's still afraid of animal heads)

Bryan Turner


Bryan Turner replied to Bryan Turner's comment

My worst fear is condiments that are white and creamy. Sour cream, mayo, and RANCH IS THE WORST. See here:



thestewart commented…

Growing up, my worst, most terrifying fear was being abducted by aliens. I'd read a lot of books about UFO abductions and people's memories being erased so they had no idea they'd been taken.

But now -- I think I'd feel flattered if an intelligent alien species chose me to do tests on. And hey, if I can't remember it, well, no harm, no foul.

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