Rob Bell

This week we talk to controversial author and speaker Rob Bell about his new book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God. (No matter what you think about Rob, it's a surprising interview that deserves a listen.) We also talk to photographer Andy Barron about a life-changing challenge Mark Foster (of Foster the People) put him on, and the crew brings back the glory of their youth by revisiting favorite childhood Christian shows.

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What We Talk About When We Talk About God by Rob Bell
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This is the episode of Colby the Computer that little Chad wasn't allowed to watch because it was too scary.

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Esther Aspling


Esther Aspling commented…

Wow, I'm not even sure what to say about Colby and the gang. I can't believe that was the common entertainment for "Christian" kids back in the day, and that I used to watch it! lol
It's like a poor man's Mickey Mouse club meets Barney! :-)

Naomi Peirce


Naomi Peirce commented…

Thanks for reminding my of how awesome(ly cheesy) McGee and Me is. My sister and I still quote Twister and Shout quite often. "Brownies and ice cream in the living room!"



bigtakeshi commented…

Is there anyway I could get the full interview on MP3? I'd love to have it for future reference! It's great stuff!



Kevin commented…

Huge fan of the podcast! I have been listening religiously for the past few months and have downloaded as many of the older episodes as I could get my ears on. That being said, I'm pretty disappointed in your latest interview with Rob Bell. Talk about slow pitching softballs to him. Correct me if I am wrong and you have asked him some real questions in other interviews recently. But no mention of his recent "coming out of the closet" in favor of same sex marriage?? I had to listen to "Unbelievable", the popular debate radio program in the UK, to get any kind of human interest out of a Rob Bell interview. And the guy basically fumbled the whole thing, failing to provide even a slightly coherent defense for why he thinks Christianity has had it totally wrong on same sex marriage for over 2000 years and why God loves and wants to bless same sex marriage and same sex...well, sex.

It's not that I hate everything Rob Bell has done. Heck, I've been blessed by a lot of what he's written and especially appreciated Love Wins as I would describe myself as a Christian Universalist. I just think you guys could have done a way better job asking him some tough questions. 1) It'd be way more interesting to listen to and 2) It's the right thing to do for a magazine that touts its own journalistic integrity.

Maybe just treat Rob Bell like you treat Mark Driscol (a healthy amount of respect combined with a healthy amount of criticism and skepticism at what he's up to and what's going on beneath the surface of the theology he espouses).

Still love your podcast and still think you guys are the best!

Chad Michael


Chad Michael replied to Kevin's comment

Did you listen to the full, unedited interview with Rob (posted above)? Due to time restraints we could only include a small portion in the actual podcast, but we talk about A LOT more in the full interview.



Kevin replied to Chad Michael's comment

Thanks for the reply, Chad! I had not listened to the full interview but will so so today. Looking forward to it.

Patrick Steed


Patrick Steed commented…

HiTops!!! I was in HiTops twice. I played the nerd character both times. I think I have an old VHS tape of it laying around somewhere...

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