Regina Spektor

This week we talk to pop-folk singer/songwriter Regina Spektor. She tells us about her latest album, What We Saw From The Cheap Seats, and what it was like growing up in Russia. Author Jonathan Merritt also joins us to talk about "10 Things That Defined the Last Decade" (which he wrote about in the current issue of RELEVANT). Plus, a pastor encounters a ninja, Jesse tries to wrap his head around modern art, and we discover a real-life mermaid.

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Listen to the full interview with Jonathan Merritt


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Regina Spektor - "All The Rowboats"
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Question of the Week

If you were to leave your 9-5 job, what unique job would you create for yourself?

This week we were captivated by the story of the lady who left the corporate world, bought some prosthetics and created for herself a job as a real-life mermaid. So if you were to leave it all behind and walk away from the 9-5 grind, what job would you create for yourself that only you could do (and that would pay you enough to live)?


Christine Schofield


Christine Schofield commented…

I wouldn't reject monetary payment for making comments on the internet...

Scott Korin


Scott Korin commented…

If you ever saw Happy Gilmore, you will remember where Happy's rival, Shooter McGavin, hires a heckler to taunt Happy.

Instead of a hired heckler, I'd be a hired fanboy. A celebrity, sports team, band, tv producer, etc., would hire me to run tumblr and facebook pages (NOT official pages -- I'm not a publicist!) for their product, and show up at events and fawn all over said celebrity, team or band members, etc., defend said product in Internet comment sections, go to conventions, etc.



annyong commented…

Combining one of Jesse's favorite and possibly least favorite things for an amazing outcome:



Matt commented…

Love the new RECOMMENDS section of podcast! Could you guys list those on these podcast pages, too? I'm usually listening in the car so I can't investigate right away.

Zac Sawhill


Zac Sawhill commented…

Please post youtube links for the videos you discussed.

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