Ravi Zacharias & The Brilliance

This week, we talk with The Brilliance about their brand new album "All Is Not Lost," speak with Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale about their new book "Jesus Among Secular Gods" and hear from two of the leaders of World Relief, the only Christian organization authorized by the State Department to resettle refugees. It’s a packed show! Also, the gang discusses the national bacon shortage, talks about Nic Cage’s surprise appearance at a Nic Cage movie marathon, learns about how one tweet led to thousands of school lunches getting paid for and a lot more.

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What is your most awkward social media story?

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Chelseamule1 commented…

I posted that refugee article on my Facebook page. At the end of the day, a friend of mine from high school messaged me on Facebook and said she loved the article and she wanted a relationship with God, but Christianity seemed to be so exclusive. After having read that article and the verses it listed she want to know if there were any churches in the area that modeled that viewpoint because she wants to get back to church. So while those articles can cause conflict, I was lucky enough to see how simply opening up the Word and shedding light on what it says can bring someone back to a faith they thought had given up on them. So thank you Relevant!



MusGuitar7 commented…

Several years ago, my youth pastor at the time, was trying to share some 80's nostalgia on his Facebook timeline. The result was him accidentally replying "Goonies never say die!" to a fellow church member that was grieving the recent loss of a loved one.


Noah Boaz


Noah Boaz commented…

I interned for about 3 years as a campus ministry leader in the multi-generational church I grew up in. On numerous occasions some of the older single men (think 40's) would persistently DM some of the female campus students. The content of their messaging was innocuous, maybe vaguely flirty at most, but it would always be in the later hours of night time. Some would also "like" pics at odd hours at night. The women would feel uncomfortable but didn't know how to rebuff them without being discouraging so they had not really made moves to address the behavior, save for gossiping all around church about it. It finally reached me and became my responsibility to deal with. The conversations that followed between me and these men were simply the most awkward situations, imagine trying to explain facebook decorum to an uncle and simultaneously correct him for being creepy!

Sarah D.


Sarah D. commented…

Back in college one of my friends and I got into a 'Like War' on Facebook. We scrolled back through each other's walls and liked every single photo, post, status, that we could find. Years' worth of posts were 'liked'. Liking all of those posts revived old photos and statuses. Not only that, but we broke each other's Facebook pages. Literally. We stopped receiving notifications, Facebook finally gave up, and it logged us out of its own accord. We were unable to log back in for over 24 hours.

John Gurley


John Gurley commented…

That time (was daily, now weekly) that I check Spotify to see if the Relevant Recommends weekly updated playlist is actually updated... and it never is anymore. That used to be my most listened to playlist, but for some reason it stopped getting updated beginning a few months ago... (Please let me know where I can find a playlist y'all do regularly update, because I love the podcast and value the music y'all recommend!)

Brigette Chapman


Brigette Chapman commented…

Isn't Vince Vitale the guy from the 2001 movie Rat Race? The one with the tongue piercing?

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