Rambo of the Month

Due to the crew traveling this week, we couldn't record a full podcast. But what we could do is invite Adam Smith to join us for another epic installment of "Rambo of the Month." It doesn't get much better than this...

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Question of the Week

We'll be back next week with the full crew and a regular podcast!


Kathleen Eubanks


Kathleen Eubanks commented…


This was the first RELEVANT podcast I've listened to.

A friend and I came up with a Rambo Scale once... A 10 on the RS would be when Rambo is sewing up his own arm wound in First Blood. A 1 would be when he's having a sobbing breakdown at the end of the movie. Etc.


AdamMartin commented…

why couldn't they just fill an hour with RAMBO? I wrote in half of a guest script, they should read that.

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