Rachel Held Evans

This week we talk to author Rachel Held Evans about her new book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood. We also talk to legendary musician Britt Daniel (Spoon) about his new band, Divine Fits. And no podcast would be complete without breaking down the week's entertainment releases, recapping Cameron & Maya's first date, discovering what Sisqó is up to, and giving away some free vinyl.

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Question of the Week

What is the most overrated movie of all time?

With the release of "The Hobbit" (and the crew expressing no desire to go watch it), it got us thinking about some of the most overrated movies. So this week we want to hear from you - in your opinion - what is one movie that the world absolutely loves, yet you find to be nothing but an overrated waste of time?


Daniel Lewis


Daniel Lewis commented…

I am so sick of Twilight and hearing about Team Edward and Team Jacob. I don't get it, are they picking teams for kickball during recess and Edward and Jacob are the team captains? Tell you what, give me a wooden stake and a silver bullet and I'll show you who's team I'm on!

Phil Schneider


Phil Schneider commented…

To keep it seasonal, I feel like A Christmas Story & Christmas Vacation are highly overrated. They're not bad, but I only need to watch them once every four or five years.

Zach Johnson


Zach Johnson commented…

The entire Dark Knight series...nah I'm just kidding!

Jay Gray


Jay Gray commented…

Are all the old podcasts available for purchase yet?

Andrew Pierce


Andrew Pierce commented…

Dumb & Dumber. Highly overrated. Incredibly stupid.

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