Rachel Held Evans

This week we talk to author Rachel Held Evans about her new book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood. We also talk to legendary musician Britt Daniel (Spoon) about his new band, Divine Fits. And no podcast would be complete without breaking down the week's entertainment releases, recapping Cameron & Maya's first date, discovering what Sisqó is up to, and giving away some free vinyl.

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Listen to the full interview with Rachel Held Evans


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Divine Fits - Would That Not Be Nice

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Notable Jokes & Runs

13:34 - Jesse jokes about Shaggy's retrospective album being a missing persons report. They talk about other old R&B artists and what they might be doing for a living today.

Notable Guest Moments

42:51 - Introduction to Rachel Held Evans.

51:33 - Introduction to Divine Fits.

Other Notable Moments

0:48 - Cameron announces that today is the anniversary of his first date with Maya, twelve years ago.

3:48 - Cameron tells the story of his first date with Maya.

20:10 - Maya asks the group what they're doing for Advent.

21:02 - The group talks about the upcoming release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and recap their reactions to the Lord of the Rings films. Cameron brings up the (incorrect and exaggerated) rumors of seizures resulting from the higher frame rate.

27:52 - Cameron makes fun of Jesse for his continual dual slices.

28:30 - Jesse's slice about the Onion's story on Kim Jong-un being named Sexiest Man Alive.

30:08 - Jesse's slice about North Korea finding a unicorn lair of a former king.

32:05 - Maya's slice about Starbucks' new metal giftcards. Cameron steals the slice.

35:11 - Maya's other slice, about a man who brought a snake on a plane due to bad security at the Cairo airport.

37:53 - Calvin's slice about the word "Reply-Allpocalypse". Calvin also makes slice-related puns.

59:41 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What are you excited to give?"

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Question of the Week

What is the most overrated movie of all time?

With the release of "The Hobbit" (and the crew expressing no desire to go watch it), it got us thinking about some of the most overrated movies. So this week we want to hear from you - in your opinion - what is one movie that the world absolutely loves, yet you find to be nothing but an overrated waste of time?


Phil Schneider


Phil Schneider commented…

To keep it seasonal, I feel like A Christmas Story & Christmas Vacation are highly overrated. They're not bad, but I only need to watch them once every four or five years.

Zach Johnson


Zach Johnson commented…

The entire Dark Knight series...nah I'm just kidding!

Jay Gray


Jay Gray commented…

Are all the old podcasts available for purchase yet?

Andrew Pierce


Andrew Pierce commented…

Dumb & Dumber. Highly overrated. Incredibly stupid.

Michael Lucero


Michael Lucero commented…

I know this is years after the fact, and I'm sure no one will ever read this comment; but I'm a relatively new listener (started this July), and I'm just now hearing this episode. I have to say, I'm pretty disappointed that (A) none of the group is a Tolkien fan, and (B) that their portrayal of Tolkien fans was so harsh and unfair. As a huge Tolkien fan myself, I do not at all find him to be this monolothic cultural force that Cameron and the others make him out to be. In fact, my own experiences are exactly the opposite. Bring up Tolkien, and you're more likely to be the only one in the room who likes his writing. Of course, now that the films have become so popular, that's changed a little, but it's only changed in that if you bring up Tolkien, you're probably the only one who is a fan of the books instead of the movies.

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