Purity Ring

This week we talk to one of our favorite new bands, Purity Ring. The Canadian electronic duo released their debut album last summer, and it has quickly become one of our top albums of the year. Also, we bring in the editors to go inside the new issue of RELEVANT featuring Rainn Wilson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and former podcast guests Bob Goff and The Heavy. And if that wasn't enough, we discuss parental trick or treating, mattress jumping, the top 5 Disney/Star Wars movie titles, and yes, the captured "mysterious monkey" in Tampa!

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Featured Videos

Purity Ring, "Fineshrine"

From the album "Shrines"

Purity Ring, "Belispeak"

Purity Ring perform "Belispeak" at Pitchfork Music Festival 2012.


The new issue of RELEVANT featuring Rainn Wilson

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Question of the Week

What historical biopic film would you like to see made?

Yes, there's an election this week...but it's also the week that the movie Lincoln comes out. So our question for you is pretty straight forward this week. What historical biopic film would you like to see made? Also, who would star in it and would there be any possible plot twists?


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