On this week's podcast, we catch up with Jacob Merritt of up-and-coming rock band Pomegranates. Also, in honor of a certain recent holiday, we bring back legendary podcast game "Indie Band or Firework?" (it's Calvin's first time playing). You flood us with your #social #media #pet #peeves, no one eats almonds while we record, and a lot more.

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Yes Timmy, You Can Drive a Tank in Minnesota

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Cameron's stories about burning things as a child
Calvin's Pinterest (#puttinonthepin)

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Indie Rock Band or Firework Game (Maya vs. Calvin)

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Question of the Week

How did you meet your love interest? Or have you ever done anything creepy on Myspace?

Long before Facebook and Twitter, our lives were consumed with a place we liked to call "Myspace." Some of us (Calvin) even used it to meet our future spouse. So we want to know how you met your love interest. And if you can't answer that question, just tell us if you have any creepy Myspace stories. Post your answers below and we'll read our favorites on next week's show!


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