Paper Route

This week we talk to one of our favorite bands, Paper Route. The band has just released their new album, The Peace of Wild Things, and lead singer J.T. Daly gives us an inside look at the process of making the album. And yes, JUNGLE BIRD joins us for a Katie-Couric-style-interview with Jesse Carey. It's hard-hitting, hilarious, and one you won't want to miss. Plus, Maya looks for jobs on Craigslist and Calvin brings yet another list.

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Featured Videos

Paper Route, "You And I"

A song from the new Paper Route album. Check it out here:

Paper Route "Better Life"

Paper Route performing "Better Life" at the (old) RELEVANT Magazine Studios.

Jungle Bird at the US Open
Jungle Bird Scores


Seriously, check out the look on Bob Costas' face!

Jungle Bird does the "dirty bird" during the ND / Navy game.

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Notable Jokes & Runs

1:06 - Jesse foreshadows his interview with Jungle Bird. Cameron explains who Jungle Bird is.

9:06 - Jesse tells a story about seeing a falcon on his fence and on a golf court. He claims he's been chosen by the falcon.

13:19 - Jokes about all cop movies being too similar to each other. Judge Dredd, Beverly Hills Cop, Die Hard, Dragnet, Andy Griffith, TNT dramas, etc.

17:19 - More discussion and jokes about Jesse's falcon.

23:00 - Jesse tells a story about trying to buy golf clubs from someone on Craig'sList, who stood him up.

Notable Guest Moments

33:25 - Introduction to Paper Route.

41:53 - Introduction to Jungle Bird.

53:39 - Jungle Bird does the bird call for which he is famous.

Other Notable Moments

18:45 - Jesse's slice about a Craig'sList job posting for cryptozoological research.

24:24 - Maya calls out Cameron and the others for constantly interrupting her slices.

25:01 - Maya's slice about a man trying to sell a crashed plane on Craig'sList.

27:38 - Calvin's slice about a South Carolina woman who found her ex-boyfriend living in her attic twelve years after they broke up. Calvin's list of top five excuses the boyfriend gave to the cops.

55:17 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What should Jesse ask Jungle Bird?"

56:25 - Discussion of this week's Editorial Question of the Week.

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Question of the Week

What is your craziest Craigslist story? And if you don't have one, what is the craziest thing you can find on Craigslist?

This week, Jesse told a heartfelt story about getting stood up on a Craigslist/golf club transaction. And Maya brought a slice about a guy selling an upside down plane. So this week we want to know if you have any crazy Craigslist stories. And if now, we want you to go over to Craigslist and find the strangest thing you can find and post a link to us. If it's crazy enough, we might just purchase it for our studio!


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