Jonathan Merritt

We talk to author (and frequent RELEVANT contributor) Jonathan Merritt about his new book, A Faith of Our Own.

Plus, podcast legend Adam Smith returns for a new Rambo of the Month, your world record feedback and more ...

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A Faith of Our Own - book trailer (Jonathan Merritt)

Jonathan Merritt's new book, A Faith of Our Own: Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars, is a provocative yet hopeful look at how Christians can engage the ...

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43:40 Adam Smith returns for Rambo of the Month - Rambo X: Rambo Vs. Mecha Rambo

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What was your best summer ever?

Due to the holiday and this being a 3-day weekend, it feels like summer is finally here! So this week we want to know from you, what was your best summer ever?

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Keke commented…



Anonymous commented…

And that's why you're awesome, Chad.

Spend all that time making awesome stuff for the website, the mag, and RTV, plus the podcast, AND you still take the time out to answer my music questions. Every time.

Thanks for working so hard, and for being cool.
Next time Cameron is out of town, you should host the podcast. But still be behind the glass.... if there is glass to be behind in the new(er) studio.


AKJessi commented…

So sad that you all are knocking Zunes. I love my Zune! And when that dies, I will have my Zune on my Windows phone. Don't knock it if you haven't actually used it! And to Jesse...I live in Alaska, so fortunately it is light here, and your slice didn't scare me.

Mike Kjergaard


Mike Kjergaard commented…

Loved the podcast! The Rambo thing was hilarious. By the way, I'm 46 years old. And a print subscriber too (but just recently starting reading on my iPad). I'm a long-time Podcast listener, but this is the first time I've commented (one of the lazy 100,000). My 17 year old son listens regularly too (I guess we are the anomalies). Keep up the good work,


scperdomo commented…

What song was the pick of the week? I couldn't make out the band name, but the song was "Vultari" or something like that?

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