Mark Batterson

This week we talk to author and pastor Mark Batterson. Mark pastors National Community Church in Washington, DC and has authored numerous books including his latest, The Circle Maker. We also unveil a new holiday campaign, try to wrap our minds around a 26-pound gummy python and list the top Anthony Bourdain band names.

Thanks to this week's sponsors, Blood:Water Mission and The Justice Conference. Help Blood:Water Deck the Stalls this Christmas and check out The Justice Conference in Philadelphia, February 22-23.

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And you thought we were joking about the 26 pound gummy python...

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Question of the Week

What do you want for Christmas this year?

Next week is Black Friday, which officially (or unofficially?) kicks off the Christmas shopping season. So we want you to tell us the most awesome, unusual, epic thing you plan on asking for this Christmas.



Anonymous commented…

Well I thought I knew what I wanted for Christmas and then I learned about 26 pound gummy pythons and human sling shots.

I sure hope it's not too late to change my list.

Shoot... gotta go! Mom, I don't want that stupid bike anymore!

Brandon Fisher


Brandon Fisher commented…

I'm going to ask for this for Christmassimply to make up for all the years as a child when chip clips and heavy books just wouldn't cut it...


SteveOK commented…

World Peace, and a 26 lb. gummy python, but not necessarily in that order



Jason commented…

Shoes. I need some new shoes.


Anonymous commented…

A visitor visa to the UK, otherwise my husband and I won't see eachother again until July :(

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