Lecrae & Erin Loechner

This week, we talk with rapper Lecrae about his brand-new song “Blessings” featuring a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, speaking out against injustice and what to expect from his upcoming album. We also speak with designer, speaker and author Erin Loechner about her new book "Chasing Slow." The gang also discusses Big Sean’s faith-inspired appearance on "Saturday Night Live," debunks some misinformation about social media and millennials, pitches a few “innovative” cafe ideas and a lot more.

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Question of the Week

What would your dream evening be -- who are you with and what are you doing?

Top Comments

Jenny Hope Bowden


Jenny Hope Bowden commented…

My dream evening would be chillin in my living room pulling back a roll of cookie dough and eating it like a burrito with the Relevant Podcast cast.

Alexander Garza


Alexander Garza commented…

Since this a "dream" scenario. I would like to be at a financial level where I would share the table with my friends one evening or a weekend of evenings of great Italian food. The catch is the food is in Italy and I would be able to take them on my gulfstream.


Daryll Dorman


Daryll Dorman commented…

Last summer I did get to throw out the first pitch at my local minor league baseball team. It was a strike and registered on the radar gun...Dream scenario would be I got signed by the team, threw a no hitter and game winning home run in my debut to win the league championship.

Tate Randall


Tate Randall commented…

"Dream Evening" by Tate Randall.

Setting: New York City

-Benedict Cumberbatch (with the abilities & knowledge demonstrated in the BBC Series, "Sherlock")
- George Clooney (with the abilities & knowledge demonstrated in "Oceans 11")
- Matt Damon (with the abilities & knowledge demonstrated in the "Bourne" movies)
-Science Mike (real life abilities)

Scenario: Bank Heist (wherein no one is harmed and no innocent people actually lose their money...but come on, how cool would it be to be part of a bank heist?)


Coming Soon

Douglas Gordon


Douglas Gordon commented…

I want to dialogue about how to live in Grace with Bill Mallonee (vigilantes of love), Linford Detweiler+Karin Bergquist ( Over the Rhine) and finally Caithlin De Marrais (Rainer Maria). I think they would bring in great insight to help me in my struggles with grace.

sean w.


sean w. commented…

Levi Lusko just did a gender reveal video that was pretty epic- I like that idea better instead of inviting people over to my house (might be the introvert in me.) [https://www.instagram.com/p/BQEXwNagFQJ]

Midwest West Coaster


Midwest West Coaster commented…

Just started listening to this podcast at the beginning of the year. I've been missing out on some great conversations! You had me cracking up about the Jetpacks for Jesus in this one. But then it sparked an idea! Jetpacks are cool, but until they're ready for the mission field, what can we do in the meantime? http://jetpacksforjesus.com

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