On this week's show, hip-hop artist Lecrae joins us to talk about his chart-topping new album, Gravity, and the faith that propels his mission. This guy is legit and we're seriously big fans! We also spotlight HopeMob, an innovative organization started by Shaun King that brings hope to people with need all over the world. Also appearing, cyborg cockroaches, NFL fights and Sylvester Stallone pictures (what else is new?).

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Lecrae - The Making of Gravity
Lecrae - Lord Have Mercy (Ft. Tedashii)
We Are HopeMob!

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Notable Jokes & Runs

13:16 - The beginning of a long discussion about Sylvester Stallone, the poster for The Expendables movie, and hypothetical photography sessions for Rambo and other Stallone movies.

Notable Guest Moments

34:17 - Introduction to Lecrae.

42:46 - Introduction to Shaun King.

Other Notable Moments

1:35 - Cameron reacts to the Jungle Bird interview from last week's podcast.

5:01 - Cameron and Jesse discuss their experiences at local football games.

19:54 - Jesse's slice about a secret meeting between Hillary Clinton and Mexico's foreign minister, which may or may not have been about invading Canada.

21:03 - Jesse reads a list of why the United States should invade Canada.

22:48 - Maya's slice about a video about a guy in a retirement village who wrestles an alligator after it attacks his dog.

25:20 - Maya's other slice about the actor who played Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell, touring as his character at wrestling matches. The slice is hijacked by a short run of jokes.

28:22 - Calvin's slice about cyborg cockroaches saving people's lives. Tagline: "I'll Be Bug"

49:35 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What is your craziest CraigsList story?"

60:06 - Maya points out that it's Chad's three year anniversary with the podcast.

62:20 Outro: "Artificially-intelligent super-powered insects. What could possibly go wrong?" - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What animal or insect would you like to strap a backpack on and robotically control?

Thanks to technological advances, scientists are now strapping backpacks on cockroaches to robotically control them. So naturally, we'd like to hear from you, what animal or insect would you like to strap a backpack on and robotically control? In addition, tell us how you would use your cyborg animal to play pranks on people.



Anonymous commented…

I think you guys missed the strangest thing about Jesse's NFL experience. The guy carried his drink and presumably his buddy's drinkinto the bathroom. The BATHROOM.


Anonymous commented…

Well, for starters...


Anonymous commented…



Anonymous commented…


In this political season, since it's never made any sense to me why political parties have these animals as their mascots, let's make some use of them and determine once and for all which party is the most full of awesome-ness.

I'd love to robotically control the smallest adult elephant and the largest, fiercest donkey we could find. I'd put them in a giant steel cage (possibly atop the Trump Tower, or another appropriately tall skyscraper with a large roof), and of course, my opponent and I would each be hovering in helicopters above as we control the action on the roof. The politi-beasts would fight it out to the end, and the winner of this brutal animal carnage-creating brawl would of course determine the outcome of the 2012 election. No one understands the electoral college anyway, so no loss there.

Of course, since we're outside reality here, Charo (kuchi-kuchi!) would be the ring-girl. And just for grins, Pauly Shore would be the emcee.

This spectacle would be made available for $40 on pay-per-view, and all proceeds would be donated to Reject Apathy-approved causes.

Joel Torrens


Joel Torrens commented…

"Hey for this one lets see what happens if everyone else is on fire. Just as a goof. Come on guys."

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