Lauren Daigle & Richard Rohr

This week, we talk to worship leader Lauren Daigle about the role of worship, how music helps her connect with God and how she approaches the songwriting process. We also speak with author, speaker and teacher Father Richard Rohr about contemplative prayer and why Christians should embrace spiritual exercises. The gang also learns about a very strange job opening in the Austrian countryside, hears about the world’s first live movie experience, listens to a yacht-rock remix of an indie rock classic and a lot more!

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Question of the Week

What are your best/worst youth group trip stories?

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Keith commented…

Fall 1999, Audio adrenaline's Underdog album has just dropped and it blasting in the pimped-out youth group bus on a 4 hour drive to summer camp. The driver/camp director suddenly stops the music and "tunes in" to a pre-recorded(by the camp leaders) all point bulletin warning people to be on the look out for the escaped Santa Claus killer. A serial killer who's MO was being dressed like Santa. Audio Adrenaline comes back and we continue driving. about 30 minutes later we see a freaky looking tattered Santa Claus walking on the side of the road. Everybody freaks out. The Camp director pretends to call the police and we keep driving. Fast forward 2 hour (or roughly 3 times through the Underdog album) and we see him again! walking on the side of the road looking like a freaky hobo Santa. Camp director again "calls" the police and reassures us. We continue on. Now its day 2/4 of camp. People start noticing Christmas ornaments hanging on dorm doors, in the bathrooms, etc and there are rumored Santa sightings in the forest around the camp. The camp director and leaders are acting worried and tell everybody no after hour pranking until the Santa Killer is caught. Everybody complies without question. The rest of the camp was Santa free until the very end as we drove off. Out of nowhere he appears and starts chasing the buses traumatizing 3rd graders. A couple weeks later the head pastor apologized to parents from the pulpit. To this day, I am in awe of those leaders and how effectively they ended pranking and traumatized 180 kids.

Doug McFarland


Doug McFarland commented…

This wasn't youth group, but on a high school band trip to Orlando. We had visited several theme parks throughout the week and it came time for Sea World Day. A buddy talked a few of us into skipping Sea World. We entered the park with the group, got our hands stamped for re-entry and took a taxi back to the hotel to hangout at the pool all day. We then took a taxi back in time to see one show and reunite with the group. My mom was a chaperone and didn't know about this for years.




Brittany commented…

The bit with the alphorn - "Help meeee....Help meeee...." had me crying from laughing so hard....I love how much this podcast cracks me up each week!

Cindy Agoncillo


Cindy Agoncillo commented…

At a high school youth lock-in, we were watching a Ken Davis stand-up video. I laughed so hard that I peed in my pants onto the sanctuary floor, but since it was the middle of the night, I couldn't call home to get new clothes. I had to spend the rest of the night pretending I was cold so no one would ask why I had a blanket wrapped around me.

Justin Sizemore


Justin Sizemore commented…

At the church I worked at during seminary, I had been hired on as the Interim Youth Minister after the youth minister I was supposed to be working for resigned. One of my first big events I did was a Disciple Now weekend. I had planned the whole thing out, hired Bible study leaders, speaker, band, and a bus driver. Our surprise activity for the weekend was a trip to SkyZone! Everything went fine until we went to leave. My bus driver, a youth parent, was pulling the van around when he absolutely destroyed a parked car in the parking lot. I was driving a van behind him and lets just say I said some words that would not have been appropriate for Church. This was the third vehicle incident we had with this particular driver. Long story short, he had hit some sweet old lady's car who was at SkyZone with her grandson. I am from Kentucky and a HUGE Wildcat fan (Forget those Gators Eddie!) and I was wearing a UK ball cap. The lady came out, said we would get everything taken care of and that all was well...because she was from Kentucky and she loved seeing that UK blue in Georgia! We had to pay a ton for those repairs, but at least she was cool about it. And the youth never let Fred live down the fact he hit a parked car.

Prayer Solanky


Prayer Solanky commented…

Okay I know this is off topic. I am listening to the podcast right now and cracking up during the infomercial segment. Does anyone remember an electronic toothbrush commercial in the early 2000's in which members of the David Crowder Band gave opinions?

Alex Perez


Alex Perez commented…

- One summer at Discovery Camp (Columbus, TX) we got above the ceiling and threw water balloons into other youth groups rooms. The rooms had no doors so we were able to go around and say "hi" and watch ceiling tiles break/fall on other campers.

- We also took crickets and put it in a campers sleeping bag. That night all we heard was "hey guys, who put stickers in my bed?"

- One summer we went from El Paso to LA to visit the Dream Center. We were a large groups and diverse, which included new believers that were cholos/gang members. From our hotel room we were throwing ice and notice hotel employees had caught us and were counting which floor we were on. We were nervous but they never came to our room. Turns out they miscounted and the cholos below us got in trouble because they thought they were throwing the ice.
On this same trip I had gotten a pack of cholocate ex-lax. At that gas station we bought some cookies and put most of the package on top and heated up the cookies. We offered these hot cookies to Manny, the youth group bully. He ate them up. We even offered him the chocolate, and after eating it he asked what was wrong with the chocolate as it tasted funny. His stomach really started to churn. Even our youth pastor was getting a laugh out of it. He messed up that bus bathroom and when we got back to the church he was in the bathroom for a while.

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