Kim Walker-Smith

This week we talk to singer, songwriter and worship leader Kim Walker-Smith. As part of the Jesus Culture Band, Kim's voice is widely recognized, and her solo projects and new album with husband Skyler Smith, have helped make her one of our favorite worship leaders in today's church. During the rest of the podcast, the crew takes things down a few notches by talking about the wonders of falconry, old band names, and of course, the royal baby.

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Notable Jokes & Runs

3:00 - Tyler talks about missing the podcast, and the group jokes about using AIM (because they're recording from the year 2001). This leads to a bunch of '90s Internet jokes.

5:52 - Jesse talks about the Chicago Bulls music.

8:07 - Eddie talks about his first email address, which was a Prodigy account.

9:15 - Jesse talks about having professional relationships with people with non-professional email addresses.

11:42 - They talk about the musical instruments they each play.

12:57 - Chad and Jesse talk about their high-school era bands, band names, and mock t-shirt designs.

16:49 - Tyler talks about his experience at Night of Joy ("the Christian Lollapalooza").

42:27 - Another epic discussion about falcons and falconry begins.

46:05 - Jesse and Eddie talk about convincing their wives to okay falconry, while they're asleep.

Notable Guest Moments

47:58 - Introduction to Kim Walker Smith.

Other Notable Moments

22:32 - Pool Leak Tip of the Week: Above-ground pools.

25:59 - Eddie's slice about the suspension of athletes for using steroids.

36:30 - Tyler's slice about a teacher who was fired for putting out a fire. A Relevant reader discovers the real truth behind the story.

42:27 - Jesse's slice about seagulls infesting a stadium. The solution? Falcons.

59:05 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What is the funniest tweet you've ever read or written?"

60:25 - Chad and Eddie talk about being vegetarians.

71:04 Outro: "I've made a huge mistake! Someone help me! The falcon's out of control!" - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What is your worst or most embarrassing online mishap?

This week we got talking about old email and IM names, and it got us thinking about other funny internet stories. So this week we want to hear from you, what is your worst or most embarrassing online mishap?


mark napior


mark napior commented…

In 2003, I was at a tradeshow and spoke with a retail store customer and at the end of our conversation, I asked for her email address so that I could keep her informed of new products and things. She had kind of a weird look on her face then replied, "oh, well I don't really have one, but my store manager has an email address that I use sometimes." (now keep in mind also, that her store manager was a guy.) Then she tells me that her male store manager's email address was something along the lines of And then told me a few more times that the email address was not hers, but that of her store manager.



Audrey6 commented…

Please start selling Lap7 shirts!

Jamie Bratsburg


Jamie Bratsburg commented…

A couple of years ago, when my parents were still new to the world of Facebook, they apparently thought 'wall-to-wall' posts were private. One day when they were both getting out of work early, my mom posted on my dad's wall "Afternoon delight??" I didn't find out about this until the next weekend when they brought it up, embarrassed, only to then feel relief when I told them there was a way to delete it (which they'd had no idea about either!). Hopefully the damage was minimal, and my parents have learned their lesson about the dangers of flirting so boldly on a social networking site.



Cheri commented…

I was just thinking about you guys and falconers yesterday because a friend was telling us that they also bring in a falcon to our local school to scare off seagulls (because the kids leave such a mess at lunchtime). Maybe there's a US to UK price difference, because I somehow doubt the school is paying upwards of $2,000 for lunchtime seagull control.

Hammer bhuja


Hammer bhuja commented…

Great post–I’ve bookmarked this one so that I can come back to it, as images and design are the weakest part of my online game. Great job choosing this topic, I hope you don’t mind if I share the link.

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