Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken

Plus, water-powered jet packs, Kevin Costner's soul patch, the week's slices and entertainment, your summer feedback and more ...

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In case you thought we were joking, check out Kevin Costner's incredible soul patch

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31:48 Jesse brings up Kevin Costner's soul patch

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Question of the Week

What item would you like to see the podcast crew produce?

We think that the podcast should have a small line of merchandise (posters, mugs, etc...). So we want to ask you, what item would you like to see the podcast crew produce?

To discuss your answer with the podcast crew and possibly appear on the podcast, email us your Skype name and we might just put you on next week's episode. Email us at




Jason commented…

*apparent (Just realized the spelling error. Good thing I'mnot a teacher:D)


thelazy90% commented…

Has anyone ever seen Kevin Costner and Michael Bolton in the same room?



Rachel commented…

How about an statuette?


Sweetpotato915 commented…

You should refer back to the QOTW where people commented with a flavor combination for chapstick, pick the best one, and make Relevant chapstick



Jason commented…

A little late on this idea, but how about an extremely cut of t-shirt that says "I am the 10%"

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