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On this week's show, author, humorist and professional advice giver, Jon Acuff, joins us to answer your deepest, darkest, most significant life questions. He also battles Tyler in a game centered around the tweets of Dave Ramsey. Plus, the crew tackles in-home massages, Jesse's church-announcement-standup routine, facial art and the music of Train.

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Quitter Book Trailer by Jon Acuff

Trailer for the book, Quitter, by national best-selling author (and this week's podcast guest) Jon Acuff.


Just As A Goof...

A big thanks to listener Daniel St.Armand for sending us this visual of what it would look like for Stallone to take over the RELEVANT Podcast!

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Notable Jokes & Runs

1:43 - Jesse gives himself the nickname "The Shawn White of Podcasting".

8:47 - Calvin talks about writing down jokes and how he deals with puns in situations without paper. They talk about his and Jesse's wives, and their use of humor in real life.

13:00 - Jesse talks about using jokes in the announcements at his church.

60:13 - A discussion commences about getting massages in public places, such as mall kiosks or Whole Foods. Cameron reveals that Maya goes to Whole Foods just for massages.

61:38 - Cameron tells the story of when a masseuse came to his house to give him and Maya a massage.

68:13 - Jesse reads a hate mail from "Guest".

72:44 - Jesse tells a story about a Gap employee who encouraged him to shoplift.

Notable Guest Moments

24:40 - Introduction to Jon Acuff.

34:00 - Jon Acuff gives advice in response to listener questions.

51:14 - Jesse's "Complete The Tweet" game, in which they complete tweets from Dave Ramsey. Tyler vs. Jon.

Other Notable Moments

6:21 - Jesse's slice about a bridge between Slovakia and Austria which was almost named Chuck Norris Bridge.

15:45 - Maya's slice about a man in Oregon who got a wrong order at McDonald's and went into a "McFury", throwing drinks and cash registers.

19:07 - Calvin's slice about synchronized toilet flushing.

67:05 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What animal would you like to strap a backpack onto and robotically control?"

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Question of the Week

What's the best advice you've ever gotten? Or, what's the worst advice you've ever gotten? Or, what's the most uncomfortable advice you've ever gotten?

As we listened to Jon Acuff giving out life advice on this week's show, it got us thinking about the times we've received advice. So this week we want to ask you three different questions. What's the best advice you've ever gotten? Or, what's the worst advice you've ever gotten? Or, what's the most uncomfortable advice you've ever gotten?


Brigette Chapman


Brigette Chapman commented…

At the same time, maybe it keeps your wife from bad-mouthing you to her Mom for fear that Dad will find out. I wish I had that kind of fear in me. I might actually try harder to resolve conflicts with my husband instead of just crying about it to my Mom.



Melissa commented…

All right it was me. I didn't want my only other post since my embarrassing feedback from 2009 (which was read on the podcast) to be criticism. I assumed that my previous posts would be accessible through my profile but now I see that this is untrue. However I do stand by that criticism, it wasn't a goof. I'm eight months pregnant....can we blame my lack of humor on that? I listened this week though and I still love the podcast!

rodger okoye


rodger okoye commented…

Nice podcast, I'm always looking for inspiration, even if it's completely unrelated to what I do, as someone who does the following: motivation becomes a key factor.

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