This week, we talk with the music duo Johnnyswim about the inspiration behind their latest hit album "Georgica Pond" and the editors look through the brand new issue of RELEVANT featuring Ira Glass, Bastille, Gungor and more. The gang also discusses the mysterious Sinbad movie that’s never existed (but hundreds claimed to have seen), the disappointing new virtual reality trend, weird things donated to thrift stores, why Carrie Underwood was at the Passion Conference and a lot more!

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What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever gotten or seen at a thrift store?

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Steve Hill


Steve Hill commented…

I work for a non-profit that includes a food/clothing pantry and we often receive bizarre donations. Our grossest was a mattress with a stain we were informed was because someone had died on it. We no longer accept mattresses. My current favorite is an unopened "Alf" cross stitch kit featuring Alf laying on his side with the words "You're ok... for someone without fur."


Richard Liechty


Richard Liechty commented…

My daughter bought a pair of jeans at Salvation Army which in itself is not that unusual. She was modeling all of her SA fashion finds for us and was really excited about how great the jeans were. Then she reached into the pocket and pulled out a note. A note left in the pocket by one of her sisters when we donated the pants several months ago. That's right. We inadvertently donated and repurchased the same pair of pants from Salvation Army.

Brad Zimmerman


Brad Zimmerman commented…

Not to be funny, but what's up with Cameron's voice / mix? The last few episodes have felt off. Love the podcast but something feels odd.

Tom Mulhern


Tom Mulhern commented…

The best thing I have ever bought at a thrift store was the Senior Picture of one of my best friends. His mom "accidentally" put it in the donation bag and I bought it and put it prominently in my room. He didn't find it funny. At all...



Amy commented…

I have found a couple of epic art pieces lately. One was a bust of Jesus' out of a smoked glass. However, his throat was a brownish red color. I investigated and found that it was also a candle holder. So that he can 'light up' yo life. The other was a gold framed wizard poster that has a castle.tower I'm the background with what looks like endless Pegasus flowing out of.the tower. It was beautiful

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