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This week, English soul-rockers The Heavy join us to talk about their new album, The Glorious Dead. If the band doesn't sound familiar, you'll know them when you hear their breakout song How You Like Me Now?, which has been featured in numerous movies, commercials and tv shows (check out their epic Letterman performance below). Also this week, we play a fantasy showdown game, Jesse spends a night in Rodanthe, we consider 80's sitcom tattoos and Calvin brings another list.

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What Makes A Good Man?

The Heavy's current single.

How You Like Me Now?

Watch The Heavy make David Letterman go crazy!

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Question of the Week

What 80's show or movie would you tattoo on your body...and where would it be?

This week we wisely invested (wasted) nearly an hour looking at ridiculous 80's sitcom/movie tattoos that people have permanently chosen to wear (Never Ending Story sleeves, front-thigh-Golden Girls, etc...). So of course it got us wanting to know what 80's (or childhood) show or movie you would tattoo on your body, and if you did, where you would put it.


Michael Manzer


Michael Manzer commented…

Easy. A-Team logo in red. The face of Hannibal underneath. Hannibal will be sporting his classic grin and wink with an unlite cigar pinched between his pearly teeth. Probably on my bicep or back, depending on finances or the desired detail of the tattoo.



ryanrhinkle commented…

I'd get the Double Dare logo on the inside of each bicep. It would put anyone who attempts the "two tickets to the gun show" pose to shame.

Ryan Thompson


Ryan Thompson commented…

Diagram of the hand motions for Uncle Joey's "Cut - It - Out"


jordan commented…

This is a play on a scene from Waterboy where Henry Winkler tells Bobby Boucher that he got a Roy Orbison tattoo on his butt when his mom told him not to.

Melody Ward


Melody Ward commented…

This is late, but I've really thought about this. I am torn between two....The Night Rider logo on the inside of my left I'm sure it will help my driving. Another idea is a tattoo of a mustache with Magnum PI undernearth the stache....not sure where I would could be a bit tricky.

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