This week on the show we have a packed episode. We speak with innovative new artist Gallant about his music and influences, hear from the editorial team about the brand new issue of the magazine, and most importantly, get the “Joy Wedding Recap” everyone has been waiting for. Also, Shauna is back and Cameron finally decides what his shtick will be at future Magic games.

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Notable Jokes & Runs

3:51 - Cameron tells Shauna she looks like Socality Barbie. Shauna talks about some of the backhanded compliments she regularly gets.

6:31 - The group gives Shauna an account of Joy's wedding. They play a clip of Jesse and Eddie emceeing the reception. A new jingle from Jeremiah.

42:03 - The group previews this year's Awards.

43:31 - In Case You Missed It: A new EDM award show on Fox, Disney's new A Wrinkle in Time movie, Justin Bieber taking about his relationship with God in GQ, a report on diversity in media, Taylor Swift donating money to Kesha. They also talk about Relevant's approach to diversity, and a Relevant article on the death penalty.

77:05 - Cameron talks about making a t-shirt for an Orlando Magic game. They discuss making t-shirts online, and discuss what kinds of shirts Cameron should make for future games. here's a thought, just make a shirt with his face on it since he loves himself so much?

82:46 - Cameron and Jeremiah talk about hiding in stores and their parents leaving them behind as kids.

Notable Guest Moments

95:00 - Introduction to Gallant.

Other Notable Moments

68:17 - Jesse's slice about the God account on Twitter being shut down.

80:46 - Shauna's slice about a two year old girl who locked herself into a time-lock safe in a bank in Italy.

85:34 - Eddie's slice about millennials not eating breakfast cereal because cleaning up the bowl is too much of a hassle.

107:03 - Dargan and Aaron join the podcast to discuss the new issue of Relevant. The music issue, the global climate of fear, Chad Veach and the "G" tattoo, Alejandro Iñárritu, etc.

126:59 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What category should be in this year's Awards?"

129:59 - Discussion of this week's Editorial Question of the Week.

Tagline - "At this point, I can't see Joy's dad, but I can feel the regret that he has."

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Question of the Week

What phrases should Cameron get printed on his T-shirts for Magic games?

Top Comments



Josh commented…

I've got two shoes and know how to throw them
(Looking at you Dwight)

Chase Christensen


Chase Christensen commented…

When the game becomes embarrassing, stand up and turn around. The back of your shirt reads, "I can't watch anymore."


Ashley Shearer


Ashley Shearer commented…

The following are actual things a friend of mine yelled out (court-side) at all UNF home games to our opponents.

"Happy Monday" Only to be worn on non-Monday games.
"You're adopted"
"Why are you even here?"
"Your shoe is untied"

Some of the less kind ones I've witnessed include:
"Your own mother doesn't even love you"

He would also print out a list of the other team's roster to personalize the insults as he hurled them form just a few feet away. This included the coaches.

Nick Buse


Nick Buse commented…

For 3/7 (and Eddie's bet) : I AM THE STEPH CURRY OF PODCASTING

Joseph W


Joseph W commented…

There's a joke somewhere that uses The Revenant, and the Leo Oscar to trick people into looking up the podcast, but I don't have it.



Kent commented…

The Oskarz couldn't have done better this year. Watching "Put It Off" for the best Semi-ironic Christian parody was literally torture.

Greg Nash


Greg Nash commented…

My friend has a T-shirt: "This shirt has words on it".

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