Fitz & The Tantrums

This week we talk to the eclectic pop-funk band Fitz & the Tantrums. The band has just released their second album, More Than Just a Dream, a soul-influenced gem that deserves to become an instant staple in your summer music lineup. If you're not already familiar, you're going to love these guys! We also go inside the brand new issue of RELEVANT, which features none other than Vampire Weekend on the cover (you can check it out here). Plus, the crew takes on an unhinged pastor, Jon Acuff, Jay-Z, Brendon Fraser, Dennis Leary, Nik Wallenda, Third Day and so much more...

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Fitz And The Tantrums - Out Of My League


The New Issue of RELEVANT

Check out our new issue, featuring Vampire Weekend on the cover here

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Notable Jokes & Runs

7:55 - Cameron talks about Jesse being named as one of the funnies people Jon Acuff knows in an interview. Jesse talks about his "humor crush" on Acuff.

21:17 - Eddie gives Jesse the nickname "The Jon Acuff of Podcasting".

22:50 - They talk about the story Jesse told last episode about his suspension for pretending to be the devil during his church's announcement. Jesse calls himself "The Aslan/Jon Acuff of Church Announcements".

40:55 - Calvin's new segment, "Hey, Brendan Fraser, You're Probably Not Busy".

45:59 - Calvin does a Fallon impression.

82:38 - Calvin tells the story about buying shoes and books for Dennis Leary's son. Calvin does an impression of Leary.

86:38 - Calvin talks about an embarassing story involving Iggy Pop.

Notable Guest Moments

47:05 - Introduction to Fitz and the Tantrums.

Other Notable Moments

3:56 - Eddie talks about his first performance and what he would change. Calvin talks about his "triumphant return".

5:52 - Jesse brings up Nick Wallenda, spurring a discussion of the tightrope walker.

17:00 - Eddie's first mention of DC Talk.

11:20 - Cameron brings up a video ("Jim Standridge Throws a Hissy-Fit") that Eddie posted on Facebook recently. They play portions of the video and comment on it.

18:18 - Cameron discusses his reaction to the video, and whether or not it was hypocritical. The others give their own opinion on the question.

25:49 - Cameron talks about Carl Lentz, Jay Z, and Kevin Durant in an Instagram photo together.

28:52 - Eddie talks about meeting Mac Powell from Third Day and clamming up in front of him.

32:52 - Jesse's slice about a man who went into a coma after eating 413 biscuits at Red Lobster. The news article reporting this story was satire, but newspapers worldwide picked up the story.

35:45 - Eddie's slice about the Yelp founders creating a drone called the Burrito Bomber, which delivers burritos to customers.

38:18 - Calvin's slice about a statue in Manchester that is reportedly moving.

43:44 - They discuss Jimmy Fallon and tryouts at SNL.

55:16 - The group talks about the new issue of Relevant Magazine: Vampire Weekend, Summer Reading Guide, Reject Apathy, Women in the Congo, Peter Hitchens, Alt J, Does Prayer Work?, Is the Church a Broken Institution?, Social Media Etiquette, Haim, etc.

71:03 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What nickname should we give to Eddie, our new podcast member?"

91:05 Outro: "So you do think when Jim Standridge visits the Vatican, he drives there in a conclave Enclave?" "Boy, that magic, that magic could happen on the show." "It could have." "Why'd you holster that one?" "I was trying, look, I was trying." - Calvin, Eddie, and Jesse

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Question of the Week

What was your most awkward celebrity encounter?

We've probably all experienced a moment where we encounter our celebrity "idol" only to find ourselves tongue-tied, dry-lipped and weak-kneed. There's so much we want to say, but things just get ugly really quickly. Well this week, we want to hear all about your most embarrassing or awkward celebrity encounter.


Douglas Ogden


Douglas Ogden commented…

Last year, when I met Lecrae, I tried to say, "What's up, bro?" and for some reason forgot the 'R'. He probably thinks that I believe his name is "Bo."

"What's up, bo?"

Douglas Ogden


Douglas Ogden commented…

My sister-in-law went up to Shane & Shane (Christian famous?) and said, "Hello, you must be Shane... and Shane." This happened in a Waffle House, nonetheless.

Douglas Ogden


Douglas Ogden commented…

After a mewithoutYou show, my brother was offered cheese fries from frontman Aaron Weiss, which he gladly accepted as they talked near the merch table. I later informed my brother that I saw Aaron Weiss pull those out of a nearby garbage can. It was awesome.

Parker Munson


Parker Munson commented…

After attending an award show hosted by Joel McHale, I was waiting in line to get my picture taken with him when his manager walked up and told him, "we have to go - no more pictures." The crowd parted way for him to leave, and there I was, starstruck and in a daze, apparently staring deep into his eyes and only brought out of this trance by an awkward raise of the eyebrows and soft "Hey..." from Joel McHale. I was so caught off gaurd that I couldn't muster up any better reply than, "Sup?"

I'm not really that upset that I missed my opportunity to become Joel's new bff, but I am sad knowing that he has most likely been heartbroken and desperately scouring the "missed connections" craigslist page ever since.

Wiley Parker


Wiley Parker commented…

Greetings Relevant Podcasters “Boys of Summer” edition,
I’ve been listening to your podcast for the past 3 months and I have never contributed to your feedback segment, until now. Please accept the below story as my submission for the call for awkward celebrity interactions, or in my case awkward D celebrity interaction.

I had just returned from a summer camp with my churches youth group. Throughout the camp worship was led by the Christian band Sixteen Cities. Worship was great, the music was great, it was all great and I thought to myself “If I get the chance I will let these guys know that I think they are great”. Low and behold that opportunity was just around the corner.
A week or so after returning from camp I found myself at the awesome Powell’s Books in downtown Portland. It’s across from the college I was attending and I spend my time in-between classes going through aisles looking for something new to read. Now as a proper Christian I made my way to the “Religious” section and begin perusing the titles when I see no other then the Bassist for Sixteen Cities walking by! OMG (G=Gosh) you know? I gather up the courage and in the most non creepy way follow him until he stops to grab a book. The time had come for me to let him know how “great” him and his band mates actually were. Below is a transcript of events….
Me: Excuse me
Bassist turns to look at me with a friendly Christian smile.
Me: Are you in the band SIXTEEN CANDLES…
Bassist: Cities…
Please read next line in a gradual softening voice
Me: You guys are great.
Silence ensues and I make my leave. When I told my wife, she reminded me that all throughout the week of camp I had been joking with the students about how the band’s name reminded me of the movie Sixteen Candles.
Sorry for the length I hope you all enjoyed this as much as my friends did.
Wiley “insert clever nickname here” Parker

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