Dustin Kensrue of The Modern Post

This week we introduce you to a great new worship band, The Modern Post, as we talk to lead singer Dustin Kensrue (also frontman for the band Thrice). We also hear the incredible story of Alex Nsengimana, a Rwandan genocide orphan whose life was changed through an Operation Christmas Child shoebox. Plus, we give you our election night recap, go on a search for Bigfoot and crackdown on Walmart thieves.

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Notable Jokes & Runs

17:39 - Calvin's joke about his stepdad driving him to the jungle leads to a discussion of true-crime television shows.

28:36 - Calvin provokes a discussion of JC Penney. He then suggests that JC Penney and Wal-Mart should merge. Jesse suggests Sears has already tried Penney's strategy.

Notable Guest Moments

34:10 - Introduction to Dustin Kensrue.

43:01 - Cameron talks about Operation Christmas Child.

44:49 - Introduction to Alex Nsengimana.

Other Notable Moments

2:18 - Cameron talks about the election and the surge of angry Facebook comments about the results.

6:44 - Cameron calls for listeners to pray for Barack Obama.

20:17 - Jesse's slice about an aerial Bigfoot search via blimp.

23:19 - Maya's slice about a man who died while voting.

24:32 - Calvin's slice about an old man who tried to swap a barcode on a television for one with a $2 price at a Walmart.

53:49 - They play a clip of Keith Morrison from Dateline NBC's "Deadly Triangle" episode.

55:23 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What historical biopic would you like to see made, and who would star in it?"

66:57 Outro: "Stand in my way too, if you see me, just pull over. You don't want to be in the way of this rock train." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What would your ideal JCPenny's look like?

As we all know, shopping mall icon JCPenny's is in the middle of a re-structuring and re-branding effort. So if you were the CEO of JCPenney's, what would be the future of your vision for the store? You've been given a blank slate. Now go cast the vision for the all-new JCP.

Top Comments

James Summerlin


James Summerlin commented…

I just finished listening to the Relevant Podcast, and I believe I heard Cameron say that the Republicans might look to Ricky Rubio to be the 2016 nomination. I believe you would be referring to the Florida senator Marco Rubio, and not the Minnesota point guard Ricky. I don't believe that the republicans want to have a point guard running the offense that will spread the wealth around.



Anonymous commented…

Since JCP stores have so much real estate inside malls, every store should allocate at least 1/10th of their space to either a petting zoo or exotic animal exhibit. Moms will have no problem dragging the kids along if they get to pet a llama and/or see a bear and a tiger.

Also, if the economy gets worse, they can save money by training monkeys to spray perfume samples on passersby.

Kim Krueger


Kim Krueger commented…

This is funny that you are talking about the new JCP as I have worked there part time during all of this new change to become America's favorite store. I love the micro store concept, but honestly people love to see the sales. Personally I would love it if things are a final price, but much lower prices. That way you don't need a sale to tell you that you're getting a good deal - you just know you're getting a good deal. It would be fun to see them put up glass walls between each store to make it feel like you're in an actual mini store, but then again I'm sure people would be walking right into the glass walls, so that wouldn't work out too well.

sean kernohan


sean kernohan commented…

This should say Dustin Kensrue of Thrice... I'll never accept he basically caused the break up of Thrice... now I'm going to go listen to them and cry

Kiki Koko


Kiki Koko commented…

L'idée est que vous regardez une seule main des heures et des minutes pas. Ceux-ci peuvent être sous la forme traditionnelle de 12 petit cadran de temps, ou dans ce cas, d'une ligne de 24 heures. Cela signifie que chaque jour une heure fait une rotation complète.

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