Christine Caine

This week we talk to author and social justice advocate, Christine Caine. Christine recently wrote the book Undaunted and co-founded the anti-human trafficking organization, The A21 Campaign (along with her husband Nick). We also spotlight one of our favorite new worship bands, the Brooklyn-based neo-alternative project Young Oceans. And if that wasn't enough, we introduce a new cast member, welcome back an old cast member, and find out why Jesse once served a church announcement suspension...

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Undaunted - Christine Caine

Learn more about Christine here

The A21 Campaign

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COME HOLY ONE by Young Oceans

Check out Young Oceans here


Welcome to the podcast crew, Eddie Kaufholz!

Episode Wiki

Notable Jokes & Runs

8:23 - More jokes (continued from last week) about She's All That and M. Night Shyamalan.

9:39 - Cameron asks Eddie some get-to-know-you questions.

13:05 - Jokes about eating only gluten. They also talk about gluten-free communion, and whether a gluten-free diet has any merit for those without Celiac disease. Eddie asks if it's true that all Asians are lactose-intolerant.

22:31 - Eddie and Jesse talk about doing announcements at their churches.

24:32 - Jesse tells a story about making a church audience boo him by doing a Screwtape Letters style announcement, from the perspective of the devil.

28:26 - Calvin gives Eddie some new-to-the-podcast tips.

32:19 - Eddie earns the nickname "New Podcast".

32:59 - Lots of coffin-related puns from Calvin and Jesse.

35:10 - Cameron talks about Eddie's last name, and Eddie talks about nicknames. Eddie wants his to be Li'l Miracle. Cameron wants to be called Sugarloaf. Jesse suggests Nightshirt.

Notable Guest Moments

54:20 - Introduction to Christine Caine.

64:13 - Introduction to Young Oceans.

Other Notable Moments

1:52 - Eddie's first words on the show. Cameron introduces Eddie Kaufholz, announcing him as a replacement for Tyler.

4:16 - Calvin announces Calvin Cearley as a replacement for Maya.

15:47 - Eddie talks about his time in Kentucky at Asbury, and about growing up in St. Petersburg, Florida.

18:15 - Eddie talks about moving back to Florida, and working at a pool leak detection company. He also talks about his telemarketing job, and becoming a pastor at Summit Church.

43:13 - Jesse's slice about Lone Signal, a crowd-funded group who is blasting signals to another galaxy.

48:05 - Eddie's first slice, on the growing predominance of sad or angry Lego faces.

50:13 - Calvin's slice about China's new hair stockings.

76:14 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "Tell us about the most awkward interaction you've seen?"

87:00 Outro: "Cheese. Do you have any alien cheese? I would love some." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What nickname should we give to Eddie, our new podcast member?

This week we're excited to welcome a new cast member, Eddie Kaufholz, to our crew. And while Eddie is fun, lovable and an all-around great addition, it's clear that he needs help in finding a nickname. Naturally, this is where you come in. Take a moment to study the picture of Eddie (posted above) and then tell us what Eddie's new nickname should be, along with the backstory surrounding the creation of this nickname. We'll try out our favorites on Eddie next week and see which one fits the best! Oh, and feel free to connect with Eddie and welcome him to the crew. His Twitter is @EdwardorEddie.


Jay Gray


Jay Gray commented…

Easy E is always a good one...

But I'm thinking "Eddie Two-Thumbs". He can tell people that back in college, his roommate's name was Eddie, aslo. But he only had one thumb.

Christine Schofield


Christine Schofield commented…

Bed Bug Ed

Because everybody needs a hobby (even if it's gross)

Christine Schofield


Christine Schofield commented…

A less gross option:

Steady-Eddie (referring to his necessary steady demeanor during counseling)

mark napior


mark napior commented…

I suggest a nickname that makes no sense what so ever, as inspired by George Costanza, and go with T-bone, which is perfect since Hambone is no longer on the podcast. However, it will be inevitable that T-bone really isn't a good fit, and will run the risk of eventually being called Coco.

Hammer bhuja


Hammer bhuja commented…

That’s some super awesome Christine Caine. Huge Congrats. We really appreciate your time and efforts and delivering this post. I keep reading your posts as you share it over your social networks.

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