Chris Quilala & Social Club Misfits

This week, we talk with worship leader and songwriter Chris Quilala about his powerful new album "Split the Sky." The hip-hop duo Social Club Misfits calls in to squash a rap beef in the best way possible—with a name-that-lyric game. The gang also discusses an upcoming sitcom based on a struggling church, learns about the most “sinful” cities in America, debates state-sponsored Christmas displays and a lot more!

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Chris Quilala - Because Of Your Love
Social Club Misfits - Pop Out Revenge ft. Amari

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Question of the Week

What is something great that you’re going to take with you from 2016?

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Jordan Belser


Jordan Belser commented…

I work at an orphanage in Manila, Philippines. I can honestly say this has been the hardest year for us in terms of finances, the issues that come with helping kids who have experienced trauma, and a myriad of other things we can't control. But I can also say this year we have emerged stronger with a greater sense of God's purpose, tangible evidence of his provision, and deeper trust in his character. We celebrate because 20 children were adopted into permanent families, and we expect 30 this coming year. On a personal note, my parents welcomed a 12 year old boy into our family through adoption and I finally have a little brother! I also began fostering a baby boy with special needs who has already brought so much hope to my life. Yes, the world is scary and hard, but when I look at the kids in our care and I look at my own family, I see hope and a God who is never finished restoring and healing.

Rachel Peters


Rachel Peters commented…

I hit cancer free in November 2016!


Kolby Daniel


Kolby Daniel commented…

I got a nice spread of cheap goggles from this desperate guy on Craig's List!

Tim Ingold


Tim Ingold commented…

My wife and I were able to check another box off our "Adult Checklist" by becoming first-time homeowners this year. We love the community that we're a part of here in Sierra Vista, AZ and w're excited to put down roots.

Rachel Peters


Rachel Peters commented…

I hit cancer free in November 2016!



Jamie commented…

Great podcast y'all! In August I moved from Austin to Colorado Springs for a job in publishing - which has been a career goal for years. I love that I get to work in a place that puts out stories to change the world :)

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