Charity: Water's Scott Harrison

Today (March 22) is World Water Day, so on this week's show we talk to Charity: Water founder and CEO Scott Harrison. Scott is doing some significant things to fight the world water crisis, and he gives us some practical steps to engage the issue and help bring relief. We also introduce you to a great new indie/folk band, Mount Moriah. Plus, Jesse returns as an "older, wiser and more-mature" dad (not really), Cameron recounts his best birthday ever and the crew debates the awesomeness of going to space.

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Learn How Water Changes Everything
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Question of the Week

What are your tips on how to be cool?

Inspired by this story of a 2nd grader's book, we've decided to write a podcast book on how to be cool. Obviously, we need your help, so this week we're simply asking you for your tips on how to be cool.


Mark Nehrenz


Mark Nehrenz commented…

First, I've got to back Jesse up.

With $250,000 you could see SO many incredible places here on earth, and you could actually get out of the station wagon and experience them. Tyler and Cameron, space would indeed be awesome, but I would pay $10,000 max for the "look out the window at space" tour.

To be cool.

1.Be Bob Goff

2. Get involved in an environmental cause where the front man wears a union jack hat and photo-bomb screams at publicly televised events.

3. Hang out in the park across from the Strang's and dare your friends to taunt the Hoodman.

4. Scream like a screaming goat.

5. Make a living writing Rambo scripts.

Tiffany Forrester


Tiffany Forrester commented…

How to be cool:

1. Go to space.

That is all.



thestewart commented…

Are you people out of your minds? You wouldn't want to go to space?! This is what's wrong with America -- no sense of perspective. Anyone can check out earth with a few bucks. But SPACE? What's money for the opportunity to kick gravity in the teeth?

Frankly I'd give up a kidney and/or a big toe for the opportunity to "look out the window" of a spaceship.

Grant Wardle


Grant Wardle commented…

Totally agree with Jesse. A ride in a spaceship (the kind you get for $250,000 would be a lot like riding in a plane. Sure, 40,000 feet is pretty amazing, you're just sitting in a seat looking out a window. Lots of more amazing stuff to see for $250,000. Let's split it Jesse and go on an adventure.

Grant Wardle


Grant Wardle commented…

How to be in Canada....double meaning intended.

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