Audrey Assad

This week we talk to one of our favorite singer/songwriters, Audrey Assad. Audrey's new album, Fortunate Fall, is out now, and you can currently stream it on The Drop. Plus, the crew discusses the rumored 'N Sync reunion (at length), we try out some new top-level domains, and Candy Talk makes an unexpected comeback.

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Audrey Assad - I Shall Not Want


Audrey Assad, recording her new album, Fortunate Fall

Episode Wiki

Notable Jokes & Runs

2:53 - Eddie steals Jesse's podcast greeting.

6:35 - Jokes about '90s electronic music players such as WinAmp.

8:36 - The guys talk about Pinterest and fake recipes.

12:11 - A discussion about the N'Sync reunion.

16:02 - Eddie tells a story about seeing N'Sync as a youth director during the band's heyday. They joke about him having frosted-tip dreadlocks.

54:33 - Eddie continues trying to steal Jesse's identity on the podcast.

56:00 - The first ever episode of Candy Talk.

57:20 - Calvin's slice about rituals making food taste better.

59:26 - Eddie's slice about chocolate being reused from chocolate bunnies to make chocolate Santas.

60:45 - Jesse's slice about a party where Skittles were mixed in a jar with M&Ms.

Notable Guest Moments

36:53 - Introduction to Audrey Assad.

Other Notable Moments

5:07 - Chad talks about bringing back The Drop, the Relevant Magazine music streaming service. Jokes about umlauts and the spelling and pronunciation of "Drop", as well as sharing music on Pinterest.

21:30 - Jesse's slice about a boy who invented a deodorant can that plays the Rocky theme song.

24:35 - Eddie's slice about the .bible domain. They also talk about other religion related domains, including .christmas.

29:01 - Tyler's slice about a boy who made a shooting spree threat as a social experiment.

47:51 - No feedback this episode; straight to the new Question of the Week (about deodorant songs).

55:44 Outro: "You know, if you don't own your .christmas, you're really not looking out for your online security, guys." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

What would your life theme song be, and how would you use it?

After reading this story, it got us thinking and led to this question: What would your life theme song be, and how would you use it?


Daryl Howard


Daryl Howard commented…

Every time I use my straight edge razor to edge my beard, I always play The Black Keys "My Mind Is Ramblin", then let the iPod shuffle through the whole The Black Keys album collection as I do the whole ritual of an old school trim and shave. Sets the mood every time.

Amazing Candy Talk by the way... can't wait to hear the talk on inflation and the 1000 Grand. I hope my investments haven't gone down.

Jordan Bishop


Jordan Bishop commented…

I want to own a motion sensor device that plays the first few seconds of "Photograph" by Nickelback as you walk by different photos on my wall. Chad Kroeger's voice is not only demanding, but makes wonder what really is on Joey's head.

Erica Minehan Cook


Erica Minehan Cook commented…

Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" is the song that I play when I need an extra pep in my step or when I feel super accomplished. I totally catch myself dancing to it. It's great while I'm running too and feel like I'm going slower than molasses. (And it gets me thinking of Shaun of the Dead.) :)

Christine Schofield


Christine Schofield commented…

Self's version of "What a Fool Believes" should play pretty much whenever I enter the room. Okay, maybe not the most flattering theme song, but it'll make everyone want to dance, so I'm fine with it.



gcowhsu commented…

You didn't mention if you bit into a skittle thinking it's an M&M you are going to break your teeth. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

I'll just leave this here.

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