This week, we talk to a band that came out of nowhere and seized our attention: the British indie rock quartet Alt-J. The band released its debut album, An Awesome Wave, last year and has garnered accolades from music fans and critics alike. We're obsessed with them and think you'll be too. We also honor the pinnacle of music achievement with a Grammy game, unpack why Jesse is tweeting again and analyze your best 3-D printing ideas.

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alt-J (∆) - Fitzpleasure (Official Music Video)

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Notable Jokes & Runs

24:12 - Jesse talks about being in elevators with someone wearing a Bluetooth, who randomly starts talking. Tyler tells a hilarious story about a conversation he had while buying a Christmas tree.

41:43 - Jesse talks about working part time for Relevant and part time on other projects. He tells a story about witnessing a shirtless sprinter, and they theorize that it was a marketing stunt for the Sprint company.

45:45 - The Grammy Game. (Not necessarily a game about grandparents.)

70:51 - Cameron addresses the fact that they call him the "Hoodmen" instead of the "Hoodman".

Notable Guest Moments

33:09 - Introduction to Alt J.

Other Notable Moments

1:14 - Cameron delivers the news that Calvin will no longer be on the podcast.

6:18 - Cameron announces that Jesse has rejoined the Relevant team as a contributing editor from Virginia.

16:02 - Cameron introduces the new interim podcast member, Tyler Huckabee.

18:05 - Tyler gives his bio.

20:38 - Jesse's slice about a smart watch from Apple.

26:14 - Maya's slice about a study about when women's faces look the worst.

29:29 - Tyler's slice about Chris Brown faking community service.

62:40 - Feedback to Question of the Week: "What would you do with a 3D printer?"

79:48 Outro: "Just take it, you big dumb whale." - Jesse

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Question of the Week

If you could have Apple remake anything, what would it be?

Tech rumors are saying that Apple is about to revolutionize the watch industry much like they revolutionized the phone industry. So this week we want to ask you, if you could have Apple remake anything, what would it be?


Matt Dudley


Matt Dudley commented…

Apple should get into the prosthetics industry.

Of course, their prosthetics would be a bit more costly.

How much, you ask?

Just an arm and a leg....

Jesse Scarey


Jesse Scarey commented…

I want Apple to completely overhaul the podcast-corresponding-to-a-bimonthly-Christian-magazine-that-explores-the-intersection-of-faith-and-pop-culture industry. It is long overdue. Oh, and an Apple graphing calculator would be cool. Why do those still cost $100 dollars and only play the same lame games from 1995.



Combsy commented…

As much as apple is in the music game already with production software, I think they should start producing audio equipment. Synths, mics, monitors...etc. Could be a beautiful thing.



Ryan commented…

an iToothbrush. I should be buying a new one every six months anyway. Bada-dum-tish! do you spell that sound?

Chris Morphew


Chris Morphew replied to Ryan's comment

It could also double as a charger for my Bluetooth tooth.

Phil Hardy


Phil Hardy commented…

What if Apple remade movies? I think "Tremors 2: Resurrected" would be a hit!.......Also, nice touch putting Nelly at the end of last week's podcast. Band aids have never been so cool.

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