Alan Chambers

This week we talk to Alan Chambers, the former president of Exodus International, the ex-gay Christian organization that closed down last June. Alan is a fascinating individual and he sat down with Eddie to talk through the complexities of his story and why he shut Exodus down. (You can read our feature on Alan here, listen to the full interview below, and watch all the videos of our conversation with Alan on our Youtube page.) Plus, we give you our VMA's recap, continue working on a dcTalk reunion and learn why an American paid a $500 fine to swallow a pickled toe in a Canadian bar...

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Alan Chambers

Listen to the full, unedited interview with Alan Chambers

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Alan Chambers: A Conversation About Exodus International
Alan Chambers: A Conversation About God's Intent For Sexuality
Alan Chambers: A Conversation About Alan's Apology

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Question of the Week

What word or phrase would you like to see added to the dictionary?

This week we learned of a few new words being added to the dictionary (food baby, twerk, etc...). So it made us wonder, what word or phrase would you like to see added to the dictionary?




gcowhsu commented…

Noob needs to become an official word. I think it's just slang

Confuzzled needs to be a word. it's a combination of confused and puzzled. It is only past tense you can not confuzzle someone. "People told me the Megalodon was all fake and I was confuzzled because I give to the Megalodon survival support group."

My friend likes comforty. It's a combination of comfortable and comfy. "It was very comforty on the couch until a wild flying squirrel landed on our faces."

For the basketball fans
There are more if you search back on the blog unfortunately he didn't start tagging back until 4 years ago.

My personal favorite is the Kobe Bryant Assist (KBA)



Eric commented…

Acuff - 1. "to dominate a given task" - The report is done 3 days early? You Acuffed that paper!
2. "to be the best in a particular field" - Jesse Carey is the Acuff of Podcasting.

Joe Harper


Joe Harper commented…

Tooth sweater: (n) the fuzzy stuff on the back of your teeth when you eat sugar.
Example: I got some mad tooth sweater going on! I shouldn't have eaten those hot tamales!

Christine Schofield


Christine Schofield commented…

"Britta'd:" to Britta something, to err, to make a mistake, a la Britta from Community.

Example: Man, I really Britta'd that popcorn. I hope you like it extra burnt!

Brandon Fisher


Brandon Fisher commented…

It's pretty obvious that "aight" (frequently misspelled "alright") needs to be added to the dictionary. I use it quite frequently in both speaking and writing form when confirming things and frankly I'm tired of Microsoft Word trying to make me feel like I can't spell with it's condescending squiggly red line.

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