American Rock ‘n’ Roll Band NEEDTOBREATHE is back with their fifth studio album, "Rivers In the Wasteland." And yes, right now you can stream - for free - the entire album at The Drop... Read More


Sleeping At Last, the musical moniker of Chicago-based songwriter, Ryan O'Neal, has just released “Oceans.” The album is the latest (and last) installment of his “Atlas" project, and Ryan’s first instrumental collection of songs. We have it before you can buy it, so go stream it for free right now at The Drop... Read More


Page CXVI has released the third and final installment of their Calendar Project, “Good Friday to Easter.” It's a beautiful album for this Holy Week, and you can stream it right now at The Drop... Read More


This week's podcast features two of our favorite people - Don Miller & Bob Goff - talking to each other! Also, we Skype in our Internet correspondent, Jon Acuff, bring you the week's news and entertainment, recap your desert island feedback and much more ... Read More


Any musician interested in getting the highest quality sound out of their instrument knows that using cables with gold tips is a must. Playdough and DJ Sean P don't just use gold tips literally, they shoot to get the highest quality sound out of life. Gold Tips is made for a good time. Whether you're about to hit the town with your dudes or you're sharing the mirror with your girls getting ready, you'll want to turn this up to get the right sound out of your night. Just make sure to use gold tips. Stream the album right now on The Drop... Read More