LifeThe #LiveAuthentic Lie
How embracing an “authentic” life can become an excuse to ignore your true calling.
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In a special Star Wars edition of one of the Internet’s greatest long-running jokes, the folks from Will It Blend give the sci-fi franchise's most notoriously annoying character the ending he’s always deserved. For reasons that may never be clear, watching an assortment of items getting shoved into Blendtec blender never gets old. Discuss

Verizon—a company that provides cellular services that powers phones, tablets and electronic devices—has released a new ad that suggests this Thanksgiving, maybe you should just shut them down for a while. The leader of Verizon’s brand creative team explained to The New York Times, “Once we get you to the people that matter the most, it’s taking that time to be present with those people once you get there. I hope what people take out of it, quite honestly, is we’re America’s most reliable network and we got you where you needed to go.” Discuss

A pizza shop in Ohio is technically closed for business today, but they still may get some visitors this Thanksgiving. This week, Bada Bing! Pizzeria posted a sign on their door that read,

We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. However, we will be having dinner around 2 p.m. with our family, employees, and friends. If you are hungry, or don’t have any money, please come in. We will welcome you and make sure you get plenty to eat.

After news of the pizzeria’s plans spread on Facebook, locals have volunteered to come out and help serve anyone who shows up. Discuss

A billionaire businessman named Shlomo Rechnitz was so moved by the site of 400 American military service members traveling through an airport that he decided to do something to show is appreciation. He paid $50 for each of the soldiers to get a good dinner before the next leg of their trip. You can see a cell phone video of the encounter below. Discuss

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