Lifetime’s new film Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever has found it’s voice talent, and they couldn’t have picked a better actor. According to TV Guide, the one and only Aubrey Plaza will voice the internet’s crankiest cat in the upcoming made-for-TV movie. Grumpy Cat hits the small screen this November ... Discuss

By a vote of 273 to 156—interestingly, with 40 percent of Democrats opposing the plan—the House of Representatives approved a new White House strategy that would arm and train moderate Syrian fighters. Today, the Senate will also take a vote on the new measures, but it could still face some opposition with many legislators unhappy with the prospect of sending American troops into the region ... Discuss

One of the last decade’s most-beloved SNL performers is headed back to the late-night comedy show—for at least one night that is. On October 11, Bill Hader and musical guest Hozier will be featured on the show as a lead up to Hader’s new movie The Skeleton Twins. As Vulture notes, considering Kristin Wiig also stars in the upcoming film, there’s probably a good chance Hader won’t be the only SNL alum making an appearance ... Discuss

For only the fifth time in Billboard history, a Christian album is sitting at the top of the charts this week. And you can probably guess who's behind this feat: Lecrae's been quietly building a hip-hop empire for the past few years, recording music where the faith is forceful instead of forced, and the beats are compelling instead of corny. If you haven't heard Anomaly yet, you're missing out on one of the better hip-hop albums to be released this year. Luckily for you, the whole thing is on Spotify. Check it out here. It makes excellent background music for our conversation with Lecrae from the latest issue of our print magazine ... Discuss

How the Church Is Helping in the Fight Against Ebola

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