GodThe Wrong Way to Engage Post-Christian Culture
Christianity is on the decline, but that doesn't mean we disengage.
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In a devastating report from Amnesty International, Sudan’s government is reported to have used chemical weapons in at least 30 attacks in the Jebel Marra area of Darfur. Over 250 people have died as a result of exposure to the chemical weapon agents.

Sudanese UN Ambassador Omer Dahab Fadl Mohamed has rejected the claims in a statement calling the Amnesty report “utterly unfounded” and insisted Sudan is not in possession of these kinds of weapons.

Amnesty International presented their findings of two independent chemical weapons experts, both confirmed the evidence found suggested exposure to chemical warfare agents such as sulfur and nitrogen mustard. Victims at the scene of the attacks confirmed the smell of rotten eggs suggesting the use of hydrogen sulfide—another agent used in chemical warfare.

Many of the victims died right away while others fell ill immediately while vomiting, coughing or struggling to breathe.

Sudan is a signing member of the Chemical Weapons Convention which bans chemical weapons under international humanitarian law. If the Amnesty Report is corroborated, this means the Sudanese government has committed a terrible injustice against its own people and broken international law. Discuss

The president of the Philippines just gave a truly disturbing speech, where he not only compared himself to Hitler, but also expressed the desire to murder people suffering from drug addiction.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte told the media:

There are three million drug addicts [in the Philippines]. I’d be happy to slaughter them … If Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have [points to himself].

Since his election this summer, Duterte has faced harsh international criticism for advocating violence against individuals suspected of being drug dealers or using drugs—without any sort of trial or due process. Since July, it’s been estimated that at least 3,100 people have been killed as part of his crack down.

Earlier this summer, he called President Obama the "son of a whore" when the U.S. president said that he planned on bringing up the extrajudicial violence in a planned meeting—which was later canceled. Duterte has used the same insult against Pope Francis. Discuss

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Nearly 24,000 inmates across the country did not show up to work on September 9, marking the 45th anniversary of the bloody uprising in Attica prison in New York. The strike has now continued into its third week making it the largest prison strike in U.S. history.

Organizations like The Southern Poverty Law Center and The Marshall Project have documented at length the cruel and inhumane conditions that many U.S. prisons foster.

The American Justice System holds more than 2 million people incarcerated and half of that population holds a daily job where they are paid to help run the prison or manufacture everyday items. The average pay for a prisoner working a job in a state prison is 23 cents an hour. In Texas, Georgia and Arkansas, inmates work for no pay.

One may assume this is unconstitutional but a clause in the 13th amendment outlawing slavery “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted” provides a pipeline of prison labor within our own $4.8 billion prison system.

The Intercept reports organizers have labeled this strike as a "call to action against slavery in America." No major media outlets have picked up the story yet, but their demand is simple—end free prison labor and restore the dignity of 2.4 million incarcerated prisoners. Discuss

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