A Fijan fisherman happened upon a misplaced cell phone in a taxi cab, and on that cell phone was a shocking, extremely graphic video of five mariners being shot to death on the open sea. The victims are clinging to the wreckage of a small boat, and are picked off one by one by a group of men who are laughing and chatting on several larger vessels. The identity and nationality of the victims and killers and the location of the grisly events are unknown, but Interpol and multiple governments are looking for answers.

Though the phone was found in Fiji, a Fijan naval commander told the press "I can't say how we were able to verify the information but I can confirm that they are not Fiji citizens." Investigators in New Zealand identified one of the ships and suggested the victims may have been failed hijackers, a claim Voice of America disputes ... Discuss

3 Barriers to the Church's Ability to Love Others

Obstacles to viewing others as human in times of conflict. Read More

Dr. Kent Brantly, the American Christian missionary who contracted Ebola while helping patients in Liberia, will be discharged from an Atlanta hospital today. Brantly and fellow infected missionary Nancy Writebol—who may also soon be released from the hospital—both received an experimental medication called ZMapp. Two of Brantly’s blood test looking for the virus came back negative. At least 1,350 people have died from the outbreak in West Africa, where, according to CNN, the maker of ZMapp has “sent its entire stock of the experimental drug” in an effort to combat the spread of the virus ... Discuss

The Primetime Emmys are just a few days away (they air on Monday night), so to get you ready for the ceremony, here are some kids acting out scenes from each of the Outstanding Drama Series nominees: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, House of Cards, Mad Men and True Detective—all of which we sincerely hope they haven’t been allowed to watch yet ... Discuss