Prepare to have your mind blown. The team at Bloop Animation have put Jon Negroni’s Pixar Theory—explaining the in-movie clues that prove all Pixar films are part of the same, massive story in a single universe—into one video. After taking eight minutes to watch, you will never see a Pixar movie the same way again ... Discuss

Don’t Let Your Stuff Own You

They're just possessions. Hold onto them loosely. Read More

We’ve always suspected that Ron Swanson is actually a time-traveling, freedom-loving, meat-consuming hero from another age. Here’s even more evidence ... Discuss

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators were subjected to tear gas, batons, rubber bullets and pepper spray, after police in Hong Kong attempted to disperse massive protests and sit-ins across the region this weekend. The crackdown has led for calls for Hong Kong’s leader Leung Chun-ying to resign as democratic movement spokespeople demand free elections. In a state-run newspaper, Chinese officials called the protests a threat to “social order,” and experts believe they may have even threatened to send in the Chinese army.

The Occupy Central movement and student groups organized the sit-ins that began on Friday, and have drawn massive crowds who are demanding democratic reforms. Though the region is a part of China, it operates semi-independently. However, despite being promised free-elections by 2017, China is only allowing candidates who they’ve individually approved of. The Democratic Party chairwoman told Time, “The people have spoken, and we will work with them to try to secure democracy … Not a single window has been broken. I challenge you to go around the world and to find such huge demonstrations where there is no looting, there is no rioting” ... Discuss

Finally, the Supreme Court will decide a case involving one of the most legally complex issues ever grappled over by the hands of justice: church signs. Though the case does not involve a congregation’s fundamental right to use hilarious Bible puns on marquees—a constitutional guarantee as essential as anything the founding fathers ever wrote—it does involve how signs advertising church services can be displayed.

The small church involved in the case, Good News Presbyterian Church in Gilbert, Arizona, has been engaged in a years-long dispute with the town over a local law that limits the size and location of signs directing congregants to their service, and only lets them be hung for 12-hour windows. Because the church meets in several locations (including a school and senior center), they say the restrictions are preventing members from finding them. The city does allow massive political signs, with very few restrictions, on public property, which the church leaders say is a double standard. Presumably, members of the church are praying for favor, because, as anyone who has driven by a clever church sign knows, God answers knee mail ... Discuss