Nearly 200 people were killed in Nigeria this weekend, as the radical Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram unleashed a series of bombings and shootings in the country. A mosque and a church were among the targets. In some of the attacks, dozens of Boko Haram terrorists raided villages, pulled people from their homes, indiscriminately murdered them and burned down houses. A witness recounted the horrifying details to a reporter for AFP:

Some residents who hid in trees saw them planting the mines and alerted us when we returned to the village and started burying our dead. So many dead bodies are still in Kukawa lying unattended. We had to abandon them because we could not carry them with us.

In one of the attacks, the suicide bomber appeared to be a young girl. Boko Haram is known for abducting school girls, systematically raping them and, in some cases, forcing them to become suicide bombers. An attack and mass abduction on a school in Chibok last year sparked international outrage and led to the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. A recent report from Amnesty International found that the radical Islamic group—which has pledged allegiance to ISIS—has killed more than 17,000 people since 2009. Discuss

Netflix has released a glimpse of their upcoming adaptation of the Lemony Snicket novels A Series of Unfortunate Events. The line of children’s books was previously adapted into a 2004 movie that starred Jim Carrey. No details about the casting for the new series have been announced yet.

UPDATE: So it turns out, the trailer is a fake. Though the Neflix series is in the works, a rep from the streaming content provider told Variety, “This was not released from Netflix and not anything official." Discuss

On the episode this week, Gungor performs some amazing new songs live in the studio. Also, we celebrate July 4th by playing Indie Band or Firework, go behind-the-scenes of the new issue of RELEVANT featuring Joy Williams, reveal details of the upcoming podcast anniversary party, and of course talk about the landmark SCOTUS ruling and Charleston. It's a packed show! This episode is brought to you by Squarespace and Harry's. Read More

Discovery released a trailer for the upcoming season of their long-running series, MythBusters, and along with the kinds of science experiments and explosions they’re known for, the duo has something special in store for Breaking Bad fans. ’s creator, Vince Gilligan, will make a guest appearance as the pair will see if the remote controlled robotic machine gun Walter White creates during the series finale would actually work. In case you had any doubts, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have the coolest jobs in the world. The new series debuts July 18. Discuss

A Montana man has applied for a license so he can be legally married to the two women he calls wives. Though Nathan Collier officially married one of the women, he had a “spiritual ceremony” with the other, because bigamy is illegal. Collier said he was inspired by Chief Justice John Robert’s dissent decision in the Supreme Court’s recent case that made same-sex marriage legal across the United Sates. Roberts argued against the ruling, saying the same logic could be employed by polygamists. Collier and his wives were recently featured on the reality show Sister Wives. If a local litigator denies Collier, he said he plans to sue. Discuss