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You only live once, so there’s really no good reason not to spend the next two minutes watching some dude in an inflatable T-Rex costume doing sweet flips on a Jet Ski. Life is too short to let videos like this go unwatched. Discuss

This dad had to figure out a way to spice up his big toast at his daughter’s wedding. He evidently was so committed to the idea of pulling the ole ‘I just dropped the wedding cake gag’ that he commissioned a fake cake to be made that he could “accidentally” drop in front of everyone.

Thankfully, his dad-joke cohort was able to capture the whole thing on video—shot dad style, of course: vertically. Discuss

Good news, muggles. The new trailer for the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has just released, and it gives a pretty in-depth look at the world of Newt Scamander. From the looks of the clip, it will definitely live up to the whole “fantastic beasts” thing.

The movie hits theaters in November. Discuss

It’s a officially Tebow Time, you guys. Former NFL quarterback and college football legend Tim Tebow played his first professional baseball game today, and on his very first pitch, hit a homerun, because he is Tim Tebow.

Tebow recently signed a contract with the Mets organization, and is now playing in the instructional league with the hopes of climbing the ranks of the farm system.