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Scientists at the University of Auckland have finally done the world-altering research humanity has long demanded: Their new study, epically titled, “Qualification of Pizza Baking Properties of Difference Cheese and Their Correlation with Cheese Functionality,” has definitively determined that mozzarella is the best kind of cheese used for making pizza. For their research, which was published in the Journal of Food Science, the food scientists watched as pizzas cooked with a variety of cheeses via “cameras and special software” to analyze and measure things like blistering, browning, elasticity and water density. Who cares about trivial factors like taste and deliciousness when science can just examine some formulas to tell us what kind of cheese taste best? ... Discuss

Some Apple analysts are predicting that the highly-anticipated iWatch—as well as the iPhone 6—could be releasing very soon. A writer for the tech site Re/code suggested that the release could be as soon as Sept. 9, and others, including Morgan Stanley, think the release will either be this fall or winter in order to be ready for the holiday shopping season. In the meantime, a slightly larger version of the iPad will just have to hold you over until the new Apple product is officially announced. But don't be surprised if we get a first look at the iWatch sooner rather than later ... Discuss

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming drama Trash, based on a best-selling novel about three young, impoverished boys who survive by digging through garbage. In the film, a priest (Martin Sheen) and his assistant (Rooney Mara), help the trio after they find a mysterious wallet in a Brazilian dump belonging to someone who could change the country’s history. If director Stephen Daldry’s track record is any indication (Billy Elliot, The Hours, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close), Trash has the potential to be pretty great ... Discuss