Disney's ongoing mission to update all its classics for today's teens scored a major coup today by snagging Emma "Hermione" Watson as the lead for its upcoming live action Beauty & the Beast remake (which will feature songs from the 1991 animated original!). Bill Condon, who helmed a couple of the Twilight entries, will direct the movie, and that's about all we know right now, but what else do you need to know? Watson herself broke the news over Facebook, saying:

“I’m finally able to tell you … that I will be playing Belle in Disney’s new live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’! It was such a big part of my growing up, it almost feels surreal that I’ll get to dance to ‘Be Our Guest’ and sing ‘Something There’. My six-year-old self is on the ceiling — heart bursting. Time to start some singing lessons. I can’t wait for you to see it.

Wait. Watson can sing too? Is there anything she can't do? Besides go into the West Wing? ... Discuss

God's Not Looking for Heroes

Christine Caine on the call to be faithful right where we are. Read More

According to reports from the region, more than 200 individuals were killed in the latest face-off between the Nigerian military and Boko Haram militants in the northern part of the country. The battle comes as Secretary of State John Kerry visited the capital city, urging officials to ensure that the nation’s upcoming elections will be peaceful and fair. Kerry visited with both candidates and told the leaders that the U.S. would offer more help in the fight against the brutal terrorist group if the democratic elections remained “credible, transparent and accountable.” Though many of the deaths in the latest attacks were Boko Haram fighters, according to The Guardian, the militants specifically targeted innocent civilians: “Survivors reported that the rebels rampaged through villages slitting throats of residents, looting and burning homes and abducting dozens of trapped women and children” ... Discuss

Lars Andersen thinks all of these Hunger Games and Robin Hood blockbusters have ruin the reputation of historical archery, and he’s put together this bonkers video to prove his point. Not only did old-school archers not use back-pack quivers and stand while gracefully aiming at some lame bull's eye, they were actually horseback-riding ninjas who could have blasted three orcs at once if they wanted to. In this crazy YouTube clip, Andersen splits incoming arrows, shoots mid-air targets while jumping across obstacles and, most breathtakingly, demonstrates moving shooting by strapping on a pair of roller-skates and actually making it look cool ... Discuss

In perhaps the saddest reminder possible that this is the final season of Parks and Rec and that production on the series has already officially wrapped, this image has surfaced. In it, a fan snapped a picture of Nick Offerman at Sundance, and he was no longer sporting the Ron Swanson stache the world had come to know and love. May humanity’s finest facial hair rest in peace. You were too magical for this world ... Discuss