Life4 Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves
Honesty in these areas can set some foundations for your faith and the trajectory of your life.
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The first trailer for the upcoming installment in the legendary boxing franchise Rocky has just been released. In Creed, Michael B. Jordan plays the son of Apollo Creed, who seeks the help of Balboa to prepare for his own battle in the ring. Creed hits theaters Nov. 25. Discuss

Since the shooting at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, earlier this month, the U.S. has been embroiled in debate about Confederate flags. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley called for the flag’s removal from the state’s government buildings, and the state’s legislature is set to vote in early July on whether it will be taken down. Unsurprisingly, the Klu Klux Klan is not happy. A chapter of the Klan is planning a rally at the South Carolina statehouse on July 18 to show their support of the Confederate flag staying put. “It’s part of white people’s culture,” James Spears, the “great titan” of the Loyal White Knights KKK chapter, told Politico. Gov. Haley has spoken out against the KKK, but government officials gave the group permission to rally at the statehouse in Columbia simply because any group may reserve the grounds, regardless of ideology. KKK members have defended the actions of Dylann Roof—the shooter who killed nine people in the shooting at Emanuel AME Church, and who was allegedly attempting to start a race war—and argued that the government is attempting to “erase white culture and heritage from the history books.” Gross. Discuss

The Oklahoma Supreme Court today ordered the removal of a Ten Commandments monument from the state’s capitol, according to KOCO in Oklahoma City. The Court ruled that the monument, as a religious symbol, “violates the state's constitutional ban on using public property to benefit a religion.” The 7-2 ruling overturns a previous decision by a lower court judge. The state’s attorney general, Scott Pruitt, said that the monument is historic, and that it parallels a similar monument in Texas, which the U.S. Supreme Court deemed constitutional. The Oklahoma justices said, however, that the Oklahoma monument violates their state constitution, not the U.S. Constitution. In a statement, Pruitt suggested that he will seek repeal. Discuss

Marvel has released a new look at the upcoming big-budget adaptation Ant-Man, which hits theaters July 17. Sure, the suit looks cool and, like most Marvel flicks, the effects are impressive. But can Paul Rudd really make a movie about a superhero who has the power of ants compete with The Avengers? We will find out soon enough. In the meantime, here’s a clip of Ant-Man testing out his ant suit for the first time ... Discuss

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