The famous author and filmmaker Philip Roth—who owns a legendary book collection—is donating 4,000 volumes to his hometown library.

This particular library, the main branch of the public library in Newark, New Jersey, means a lot to Roth. He grew up there in the 1930s and 1940s, and the Newark library became a mainstay in his life. And now he's giving that branch a significant portion of his library—many of the books are heavily annotated with the author's own notes.

And in return, the library plans to keep the books organized just as Roth had them. The New York Times reports Newark Library will forsake the Dewey Decimal system in honor of Philip Roth's donation: The library will maintain the collection in the same setup as it's in in Roth's current home.

Roth is probably most famous for his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, American Pastoral. This weekend, actually, a highly anticipated film adaptation of that book—which is also the directorial debut of Ewan McGregor—hits theaters. Discuss

Joanna and Chip Gaines seem to agree: Breakfast is the best meal of the day. The home-renovation duo is creating a new restaurant that will be devoted to breakfast.

The restaurant is scheduled to open in summer 2017. The pair purchased the historic Elite Cafe in Waco, Texas earlier this year and announced their plans for a breakfast restaurant yesterday, just a few months after opening a bakery. Earlier this year, Joanna and Chip auctioned more than 300 items from the original cafe to raise money for Mission Waco's Jubilee Food Market, a nonprofit grocery store that's set to open next month. According to the Waco Tribune-Herald, the couple raised $51,000 total, putting the supermarket well ahead of the $28,000 it needed before opening.

"I've always been a breakfast connoisseur," Chip Gaines told Southern Living. "I always do a heavy, bigger breakfast, but Jo is the exact opposite. She was kind enough to come with me on this one, and we are going to do up a breakfast joint here in town."

They haven't revealed what's on the menu but if it's like anything else the pair put their hands to, it will be good. Discuss

Kid Cudi saved Pete Davidson's life.

At least that's how the comedian, who is a junior cast member on Saturday Night Live, describes it. During an appearance on The Breakfast Club Tuesday morning, Davidson explained his loyalty to Cudi: "He saved my life. I would’ve killed myself if I didn’t have Kid Cudi. If you’re 25 and under, I truly believe that Kid Cudi saved your life. ... I truly believe if Man on the Moon didn’t come out, I wouldn’t be here."

Earlier this month, Kid Cudi opened up about his struggles on his Facebook page:

My anxiety and depression have ruled my life for as long as I can remember and I never leave the house because of it. I cant make new friends because of it. I dont trust anyone because of it and Im tired of being held back in my life. I deserve to have peace. I deserve to be happy and smiling. Why not me? I guess I give so much of myself to others I forgot that I need to show myself some love too.

It's that vulnerability that changed everything for Davidson. "I think that’s why a lot of kids my age can relate to Cudi and people love him so much is because he’s a very emotional dude, and he saves all of us."

Davidson told the hosts that he has talked to Cudi and says he's in "really good spirits" in rehab. Discuss