Around the world, migrants are facing deportations and general closed doors when they reach what they hope to be their new homes.

According to a report by The New York Times, Germany has just ordered its third mass deportation of people back to Afghanistan since the fall. This was just hours after the cabinet voted for tapping cellphones and putting electronic tracking bracelets on migrants who they felt could propose a threat.

Like the United States, Europe's newest counter-terrorism measures have made it clear that migrants are less welcome than they previously were.

According to the Times, Sweden, Britain, Italy and Hungary are just four countries that have doubled down on measures to keep migrants out.

For Germany, the push for deportations and strengthened borders comes from the December terrorist attack when a Tunisian man seeking asylum drove a truck through a Berlin Christmas market and killed 12 people. He had been removed from Italy and was listed as a terrorist threat to be deported, but never was.

In spite of that, human rights organizations argue that European governments are being too restrictive on people who are just searching for a better life, or worse, fleeing war and other danger. Discuss

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The season finale of Dr. Ken is going to be so meta they should just title this episode, “Inception.” Except, instead of a dream within a dream, the episode titled “Ken’s Big Audition,” will be a show within a show.

Here’s what we know: The self-absorbed Dr. Ken, played by former Community star Ken Jeong, is going to be reconnected in the episode with Community creator Dan Harmon. Harmon will be appearing as “the creator of a new TV comedy set at a community college.” Sound familiar? It gets better.

According to Deadline, Harmon’s character even ends up inviting Dr. Ken to audition for a role on his new show after seeing him perform stand-up at an open mic. Our cup runneth over.

We can only hope the episode is a foreshadowing of another Community revival. Either way, we’re excited to see the madness play out when the episode airs on March 31st. Discuss

This is the kind of story your day needs. This week on her daytime talk show, Ellen DeGeneres gave the entire senior class of Summit Academy Charter School in Brooklyn, New York full college scholarships. The students can now go to any New York state university for free.

The video is touching. Warning, there are a lot of tears.

Seriously, it’s like if “Scott’s Tots” had a much, much happier ending. Discuss