GodThe Wrong Way to Engage Post-Christian Culture
Christianity is on the decline, but that doesn't mean we disengage.
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This week, we talked with hip-hop artist Derek Minor about his EP "1014," the state of modern hip-hop and why Christians can not be silent about racial injustice. Also, Science Mike McHargue joins us for discussions about the Snap Spectacles, the world’s largest telescope, the merits of Arrested Development and more. The gang also plays a new fall TV-themed game, listen to Bieber lead worship and find out what science tells us about why so many people are interested in celebrity news. Read More


This week, Crowder performs songs from his new album “American Prodigal” live from the studio. We also talk with Matthew Soerens, the US Director of Church Mobilization for World Relief and the co-author of “Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis,” about how you can help some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. The gang also talks about the evolution of late-night comedy and the war on drugs. They discuss Andy Mineo’s beef with “Esquire” magazine, learn about a dental industry conspiracy and a lot more! Read More

This week, Grammy-nominated singer Lauren Daigle stops by to perform songs off of her album "How Can It Be". We also talk with Senior "Daily Show" correspondent and comedian Hasan Minhaj about race, religion and his new one-man show “Homecoming King.’ The gang also discusses how George Clooney’s organization uncovered corruption fueling war in South Sudan, the new "Wrinkle in Time" movie adaptation, burrito drones, politics in the pulpit and a whole lot more. Read More

This week, the worship music duo All Sons & Daughters stop by to perform songs off their brand new album Poets & Saints. Also, Jesus Culture Sacramento Pastor Banning Liebscher discusses the powerful message behind his new book, Rooted: The Hidden Places Where God Develops You.

The gang also discusses the new show from the Mythbusters team, the food waste crisis, underwater robot drones, an exciting new venture in the goggle business and a lot more! Read More

This week, we talk with Leagues frontman Thad Cockrell about the band's upcoming album “Alone Together,” what it’s like following up a hit debut and why music can change the way people think about social issues. We also take a look at the brand new issue of RELEVANT featuring “Ben-Hur” star Jack Huston, recap Cameron’s trip to Hawaii to see the Mars simulation dome (seriously!), debate the merits of preheating, learn about Pharrell’s church background and have a couple of experts (Science Mike and Shauna Niequist) call in to set us straight on a few things. Read More