Although the winter's film scene is getting crowded with a lot of movie's with bi hype, few are matched with the expectation of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Based on this trailer, however, he is prepared to deliver.

Update Looks like Fox pulled the trailer from YouTube. We'll update as soon as they approve a YouTube trailer. In the meantime, you can watch it at the film's official site by inputting code 07201969 ... Discuss


There are so many things to take away from this video. The first, of course, is that eating chocolate is a genuinely incredible experience that is not nearly as universal as we might think it is—even for the people who supply the cocoa for our chocolate. The second, and far more important, is the realization that people who farm cocoa can't afford the product they're creating (in the Ivory Coast, a bar of chocolate costs four euro. One of the workers referenced in the video here only makes seven euro per day) ... Discuss


How Being an Atheist Made Me a Better Christian

How a season of disbelief helped one writer come to terms with real belief. Read More

NBC is rather charmingly returning to the time-honored tradition of casting a female as the boy who never grew up. Girls' Allison Williams will take the lead role in Peter Pan Live!, NBC's next live musical which they are putting an official exclamation point at the end of. The studio is hoping to grab the same sort of numbers their Sound of Music Live! brought in, although they're probably hoping for better reviews. Good luck, Allison Williams. May your Peter Pan be an inspiration to anyone out there who has trouble with the thought of growing up ... Discuss