Are Savory Donuts a Good Thing?

Dunkin Donuts has announced it plans to sell savory (read: not sweet) shredded pork donuts at its stores in China. While Americans love sweets for breakfast, that's not the norm in much of the world. Regardless: Does this sound good to you? Is it just the logical conclusion to the McGriddle phenomenon? ...




I worked in Taiwan this summer, and in their congee (kind of like oatmeal) they would put shredded pork. I can't say I was a fan of the shredded pork, and always found the brown sugar the camp I was at had to add to my sweet breakfast! Though the Asians I worked with found this such an odd thing!

Anonymous (not verified)

I live in china right now and I have two things to say: One, where are these Dunkin Donuts Stores? I have never seen one but I kind of want Donuts now.

Also, Chinese breakfast is weird. I was explaining to a chinese friend of mine that I don't really eat breakfast here because Chinese breakfast food was like our lunch food and not appetizing to me in the morning, and her response was "What do Americans eat for breakfast? Do you eat hamburgers?" So I have a feeling "shredded pork donuts" would go over very well in china.

linner (not verified)

lots of chinese bakeries in my city--buns (like little pastries) are super-popular, and you can find sweet & savoury kinds. you can findshredded pork buns right next to the coconut sugar buns!

linner (not verified)

p.s. my city is toronto, btw :p

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