I have this friend who went to college to study event planning, but got an idea to start a clothing company instead. Today, she makes some really cool products and gives a portion of sales to making a positive impact.

Because her company sells products but she has a nonprofit heart, there aren’t too many business models she can look to or learn from. Figuring things out as she goes (with mistakes being the greatest teacher) hasn’t always been easy. Read More

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I rarely find anyone who would answer the question “Are you creative?” with a resounding yes. Even those who say yes do so sheepishly.

Somewhere along the way, we were told creativity is a gift given to a rare and elite few. The rest of us have to struggle through life doing the best we can with the little bit we’ve been given. Read More


Twitter co-founder Evan Williams can claim credit for changing the face of social media, as well as starting successful companies such as Blogger. He can also claim credit for Odeo, a failed attempt to revolutionize podcasting.

Before you assume this is another one of those persistence pep-talks encouraging you to hang in there through adversity, let me tell you this: it might be time to take a long, hard look at your beloved idea, project or initiative and chalk it up as a failure. Read More