The Real Source of Self-Confidence

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Because haunted houses bore everyone, Airbnb is stepping in to help. The house sharing website is giving away a one night in the Paris catacombs on the creepiest night of all: Halloween. Not only will win and his/her guest get to be “the only living person to ever wake up in the Paris catacombs,” they’ll get to be they’ll get dinner, breakfast, a concert for two and—for some reason—a bedtime story. If being a loner in the Paris catacombs appeals to you, you can enter to win here. Discuss

Well this is something. In honor of Vladimir Putin’s 63 birthday, Russian jeweler Caviar is releasing 63 special edition iPhone 6s. For a mere $3,356, You get a 128GB iPhone with a titanium back featuring a Putin’s profile in gold, the country’s emblem and a plaque with a verse from Russia’s national anthem. Because nothing says former Communist country like extreme opulence. Discuss

5 Lies That Lead to Burnout

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What I Wish I'd Known About Friendship After College

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Kids today, with their video games, and junk food and shark punching. Yes, shark punching. Proving that he is the master of his domain, one hardcore 14-year-old surfer did just that … and lived to tell the tale. The unnamed Floridian managed to free himself from what’s believed to be a blacktip shark—four or five feet long—with a well-timed counterpunch. He escaped with “significant lacerations” to his hand and ligament damage. The shark, however, is reported to have irreparable self-esteem issues. Discuss