Even if you don’t have TV, you can still watch tonight’s presidential debate. The first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be streaming in a bunch of different places online, including the embedded YouTube stream below.

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Why I Stay Silent on Important Issues Online

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The trailer for Ava DuVernay’s (Selma) documentary The 13th has just dropped and shows a glimpse of her explosive exposé on mass incarceration in America. The film not only looks at some of the stunning stats regarding the American criminal justice systems—we are home to more prisoners than any country in the world by a massive margin—but also for-profit prisons, the flaws of the “war on drugs” and how things can change.

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Martin Scorsese’s highly anticipated adaptation of the novel Silence will be released later this year. Up to now, the release date for the director’s big screen version of the acclaimed—yet controversial—book about Jesuit missionaries to Japan has remained uncertain.

However, the studio has announced that the movie—which is Scorsese’s longest to date—will hit theaters on December 23, making it eligible for the upcoming Oscars. Starring Liam Neeson and Andrew Garfield, the film tells the story of Jesuit missionaries to 1600s Japan, who face persecution and martyrdom for their faith. Discuss

The Church Can't Ignore Racial Injustice in America

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