If you're a gamer or geek in any capacity, you know Felicia Day. The actress has become a nerd icon for letting her own gaming/graphic novel/fandom flags fly high, and recently wrote a post called "Crossing the Street," in which she finally addressed the big topic facing gamedom these days: GamerGate.

If you're not familiar with the situation, it's a bit complicated, but the short version is that a community of gamers attempting to raise the bar for ethical video game journalism keeps getting sidetracked by members of their group who make their case by doxxing (leaking the personal information of) high profile female gamers. In her post, Day wrote that she'd been hesitant to write about GamerGate because she was afraid of getting doxxed. And, sure enough, her home address and email were almost immediately leaked online, because no good deed goes unpunished. The GamerGate community keeps wanting to convince the public at large that the relentless misogynistic attacks are coming from an extremist fringe that is not representative of the whole. And that's probably true. But as long as the most tangible result of GamerGate is blatant attacks on women, the burden of evidence remains on them to prove it ... Discuss

Alvin Cross Jr. was out of jail and looking for a marijuana hook up, but for some reason, his friends and family wanted nothing to do with him. One can safely assume that's because Cross' Albany, Georgia community was looking out for him, not wanting him to get into any trouble with the law. But Cross handled getting into trouble just fine on his own. Out of options, he decided to text his probation officer to see if he had any weed to sell. Desperate times call for desperate(ly stupid) measures, and his probation officer had police raid Cross' apartment, where they found cocaine and he's headed back to prison. Moral of the story is, well, you can figure out the moral just fine here on your own ... Discuss

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