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Jason Russell on the Rise and Sudden Fall of Invisible Children
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Taco Bell is once again proving that there is nothing humans can’t do. The masterminds behind drive-thru staples like Mexican Pizza and A.M. Crunchwrap breakfast quesadillas have combined Cap’n Crunch Berries cereal, donut holes and something called “milk icing” into one glorious creation. It’s yet another option for people looking to start their day off with a bad (but delicious) decision. The Cap'n Crunch Delights are currently being sold in Bakersfield, Calf., but from the looks of these pictures, there’s no reason to believe the sweet breakthroughs of confectionary science won’t be available nationwide in the near future. Whatta time to be alive ... Discuss

Few experiences in life are more horrifying than the moment when a child cannot be located. Single seconds drag on like hours while the frantic searching ensues.

Just imagine three days.

That is exactly what Mary and Joseph faced when their child went missing in Luke 2:41-52. Lose someone’s dog? Awkward. Lose the Son of God, the Savior of the world? Unimaginable. Read More

Controversial hip-hop star Kanye West has tweeted that the follow-up to 2013’s Yeezus will be called So Help Me God. So, it looks like it will continue Kanye's obsession with Christian imagery, although this one might not be as theologically problematic as Yeezus. On a recent interview with Zane Lowe, Yeezy said that the album was "a joyful noise unto the Lord" and compared it to "'Amazing Grace'—coming out of the worst pain possible and making the most beautiful song possible." So, it's another chapter in Kanye's long, complicated walk with Jesus.

Though there’s no official word yet on a release date, Kanye's been steadily releasing new tracks including "Wolves," "All Day" and the Paul McCartney collaboration "Only One," and last week, he revealed that the record was about 80 percent done. Along with unveiling the title, Kanye also posted a mysterious image (which could possibly be the cover art), which Redditors discovered was an ancient monastic symbol for the Virgin Mary, as well as album art from a metal band called Christian Mistress … Discuss

A man who nearby residents knew as “Africa” was shot and killed during a confrontation with LAPD officers on skid row this weekend. No other gun was found on the scene, and it is still unclear if he was in possession of any other weapons, though none have been identified. The officers involved were part of a special task force that regularly works on skid row, and were responding to reports of a robbery.

It’s unclear if the man was a possible suspect or if the confrontation started over a tent (which may have been violation of a city ordinance), but shortly after making contact with Africa, things became violent. A cell phone video of the incident (warning, it contains profanity and shows officers opening fire), shows a brief struggle between the man and officers before at least five shots are fired by two officers and a sergeant, as the man was on the ground. A taser was used, but a police representative said it was “ineffective.”

Cmdr. Andrew Smith told reporters that the man began “fighting and physically resisting the officers.” He said, "At some point in there, a struggle over one of the officer's weapons occurred," and several witnesses told reporters that the man reached for an officer’s gun (though accounts have differed). At one point in the video, an officer can be heard yelling, "Drop the gun. Drop the gun." A nearby woman, who picked up a nightstick dropped during the altercation, was handcuffed. Investigators are currently interviewing more witnesses and looking into other possible videos of the incident ... Discuss

A year from now, the evening that “The Dress” photo went viral causing worldwide debates over colors, may just be a distant memory. But at least one man will have a lifelong reminder of the Internet’s most random viral moment: A tattoo of the dress forever etched onto his leg. (And, for the record, the dress is most definitely black and blue.) 24-year-old Daniel Howland told Buzzfeed, “I pretty much got it because, I mean, I keep up with all the social memes and hysteria and whatever, and this is the only one that I really couldn’t wrap my brain around. So I just decided to do it.” At least that tattoo removal cream is coming out soon ... Discuss