GodAmerica Is Not the Future of the Church
Statistics show that church actually isn’t dying. But it is changing.
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How the Psalms Can Re-inspire Worship Music

Sandra McCracken on Psalms, honesty and why it’s OK for worship music to ask big questions. Read More

Sure, a lot of people were excited about the release of the latest trailer for Batman v Superman, but this retro-remix is for a movie that we’d really want to see. Move over Batfleck, let Adam West and Christopher Reeve show you what real superheroes look like ... Discuss

Twitter has now added the option of sending and receiving messages among users who don’t “follow” each other. Whereas before both users had to be accepting each other’s public posts before they could exchange direct messages (or DMs), now a setting exists where any user can send and reply to DMs from another user, even if they don’t follow each other. Twitter now a public company with 288 million users and made this update in response to pressure to compete with other social networks. Facebook recently added its Messenger service to allow users to send images, videos and other items, and also bought WhatsApp, a text-messaging service to increase its reach. Twitter has attempted to increase the number of active users by redesigning its homepage and launching new group direct messaging and adding a video feature to its Twitter app. Discuss

The tree planted and stone placed in memory of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri lasted one day before the memorial was destroyed. The Black Caucus of the American Library Association planted the tree in January Wabash Memorial Park on Saturday and by Sunday, the tree was found slashed in half and the memorial stone gone. Police are investigating the act of vandalism but have no suspects so far.

Michael Brown was shot and killed a by officer Darren Wilson last summer. Wilson was not indicted for murder and no civil rights charges were pressed. Ferguson went into a series of riots in protest of how white police officers treat black men in their city. An inquiry by the Department of Justice determined police exacted tolls disproportionately on the black population, which makes up around 67% of the city. The chief of police has since resigned. Discuss

Six Minnesota men were arrested on Sunday and charged with conspiracy and trying to provide material support to a foreign terror group. According to top federal prosecutor in Minnesota Andrew Luger, four were arrested in Minneapolis and two in San Diego. "What this case shows is that the person radicalizing your son, your brother, your best friend may not be a stranger. It may be their best friend right here in town. We have a terror recruiting problem in Minnesota,” Luger said. After a 10-month investigation, the FBI discovered what they believe to be a terror recruitment network linked to ISIS, al-Qaeda and al-Shabab in the Somali community in Minneapolis. Luger held a press conference to provide further information on Monday ... Discuss