Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders scored outsider victories last night at the New Hampshire primary. Sanders' more than 20-point win was a huge blow to Hillary Clinton, who only narrowly beat out Sanders at the Iowa caucus last week. It is a curious win for both candidates because, as evident in Sanders' closing remarks—“Tonight we serve notice to the political and economic establishment of this country”—both he and Trump are known for being anti-establishment. Trump, who won the Republican votes by no small margin—35.2 percent, to be precise—said in his victory speech, "Wow, wow, wow. We are going to make America great again. We are going now to South Carolina. We are gonna win in South Carolina!” And so begins the battle for the South. Discuss

British astronaut Tim Peake, who is currently doing a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station, shared this absolutely incredible time-lapse video of lightning striking the earth. Oh, the wonders of space. Discuss

Imagine combining the childlike thrills of sledding with fashionable giant orange shin guards. Just think, what if you could be a real life Transformer, that is at one moment a warmly dressed human, the next, a human sled. As the video below demonstrates, “Sled Legs” can make that dream a reality. It’s makers have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to crowd fund production, so that one day, people everywhere can experience the joy of flying down a hill with nothing between them and the ground but two pieces of plastic strapped to their legs. Discuss

Matt LeBlanc, who famously played Joey Tribbiani on Friends, has just signed on to star in a new CBS show ironically called I'm Not Your Friend. Ouch, Matt. That hurts. The show, which actually has nothing to do with the Friends series, will be LeBlanc's first big return to broadcast television. Matt will play a father whose wife goes back to work, leaving him at home scrambling to figure out how to handle the kids. Essentially, it's Mr. Mom as a series. But, if it's as great as the Michael Keaton film was, we aren't mad about it. Discuss