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According to a price-tracking site called camelcamelcamel (and highlighted by qz.com), Amazon has changed the price of the King James Version of the Bible over 100 times since May of 2010. What on earth? In the past five years, it's been listed as low as $8.99 and as high as $16.99. Amazon spokesman Scott Stanzel wouldn't dish on the exact process that goes into determining when and how a item's price changes, but Amazon does change prices on up to 80 million items a day. So, the Bible's not exactly unique in having its rate adjustments, but some of the circumstances around it all are a little interesting.

A little snooping gives a clearer picture. For example, the KJV Bible saw a dramatic price hike in early 2014—jumping from its all-time low at the end of 2013 all the way to about $14.49—which just so happened to take place right around the time of the History Channel's The Bible miniseries. And that $16.99 high? That was on December 30, 2012—back when everyone thought the world was about to end. But here's the question: Is Amazon changing prices to keep up with customer demand? Or are they anticipating demand based on current events? ... Discuss

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